Cheeky Monkey Booties

super cute sock monkey crochet booties pattern! FREE

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http://hodgepodgecrochet.wordpress.com: Cheeky Monkey Booties--Free Pattern


At the request of a super lady, I was asked to tackle Sock Monkeys. I’m not a fan of monkeys but I told you–this particular lady is awesome, so I decided to take on the challenge.

The first thing I did was to take a look at the original pic she sent me to replicate. I looked like this:

Cute…adorable…but more sock than bootie. I guess that makes sense since they are Sock Monkeys, but I wanted to do something different with mine. So, playing on the idea of working in the round (from the toe and moving on back to the heel) and changing colors to separate and highlight the mouth, I got to work. After my first try, I ended up with this:

Frightening, I know. But it was a start–and obviously a work in progress. (When I’m working on new patterns this is…

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