30 day writing challenge

One Thing I Am Excited For – Day 30

I am excited to spend time with my family.  Remembering my mom while we share meals.  Just to be together and not have a schedule to adhere to.  No rush to catch my train to get to work.  No rush to get to the next kid’s activity.  Jokes.  Even the family dramatics.


I wish we could bring all of my extended family too.  But, 40-50 people is just too much for a few days.  A day for dinner is ok, but days??  Not ready for that yet.  Maybe one day.  That would be amazing.

I wish this was easier to write.  That I would have so many things to choose from, but sadly, I’m stuck on the grind and just a break from it makes me excited.  Hell, I wish I had a few hours on the weekend to nap.  That would make me excited for sure….sleep



2 thoughts on “One Thing I Am Excited For – Day 30

  1. I’m with you Lis. Sleep sounds good right about now! Could use a few extra hours 😉 Hopefully see you on the weekend if I’m better!

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