30 day writing challenge

Something That You Miss – Day 23

This topic is easy.  I miss my mom.

I miss her unconditional love, smile, laugh, understanding, support, cooking, happiness, empathy, how she would leave me voice messages that always started with “(my chinese name), I’m your mother. (message). ok?  bye”, how she would always ask how everyone else is doing, how she would go grocery shopping in at least 3 different grocery stores just to get the best of whatever she was buying, i.e. best cut of meat, fruit, etc.,  how my dad would give his two cents while my mom cooked, how strong she made everyone around her, how she would make anything from scratch whenever someone was hungry, how she would spend hours making something special and invite everyone to enjoy, how she would work hours in her garden and have beautiful flowers and huge Chinese squashes, how she would spend hours making jung and then delivering to  everyone who can’t come over, how I would lie on her bed and talk with her, how she loved my children, how she would tell me not to worry when life was too much, how she would always check in on me to make sure I’m ok, how she would love me enough to discipline me to help me become who I am today, learning to make some of her dishes, I miss calling her everyday just to say hi and it would always start like this “Ma!  deem? deem?  Sik fan may-ah?”, and if I missed a call she would call me or next time I called she asked if I was ok since I didn’t call.

I miss everything about her.

It was easy to know what to write about what I miss.  My mom.  But, it was not easy to write.  I cried so much, but at the same time it was wonderful to remember.

I love you, Ma.  Until we meet again…



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