30 day writing challenge

Your Academics – Day 22

When I first finished university, I would say, I have two degrees.  Then if they tried to sum it up and say ‘oh, you double majored’, I would correct them.  Now, I just say “sure”.

It was advanced at the time to have two degrees, but I should have taken it further.  To get a masters at least.  But, I didn’t.  I do see my school chums pursue further education and with great career success, but most notably, they are all men.  There could be a female in the mix, but surprisingly I am not very close with many of them.  Considering Computer Science (CS 4 Life!) and Mathematics for Commerce are male dominated fields, you would think every girl would know each girl well.

EDIT:  Funny memory.  During one of the strikes I tried to cut the picket lines to get in.  A-hole move, I know, but back then F them.  I paid my tuition and classes and assignments were still due!!  Anyway, one of the picketing TAs came over and tried to advise that I had to go to the back of the long ass line and wait.  They would be letting in a couple of cars every 5 minutes.  it would take about 45 minutes.  F that!!  I lied like a criminal and got on my soap box how my brother was waiting for me who had a broken leg and why should he wait in pain for 45 minutes.  He said we could go in next.  As the guy walked away Franklin says “Good one babe!”.  The window was open.  The guy was two steps away.

Love the analytical side of it all and have channelled those two disciplines into teaching.  I’m a corporate technical trainer.  This is what the degrees taught me.   Take complex information and break it down to understandable pieces.    From the banking industry, law firms, to software companies, I have a good handle on taking dry material and making it relevent and fun.  I make decent money.  I’ve traveled for my jobs.  I’m confident in what I do.

Adult Learning Triangle

My current organization has paid for me to get my Adult Learners Diploma. I have two more assignments and a work-study to do. Another piece of paper. Learned to formalize some concepts that I currently do so good to know I wasn’t totally flying by the seat of my pants.

I really believe learning is for life. It keeps your brain active. You learn new things about stuff, yourself, people, etc. Education doesn’t have to be all 1 +1, it can be a new topic/skill you didn’t know before.

Be open to learning new things and realize you don’t know everything…. Ever.



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