30 day writing challenge

Five Items You Lust After – Day 19

I’m a few days behind, but trying to catch up.  You would think this would be easy.  Who doesn’t want stuff, much less want stuff badly.  I admit, I cheated a bit and asked someone to list 3 things they lusted after.  We did not want the same things, but she did switch my mind to think a little more superficially.  So, with this post, it’ll be a little more fun.  I’m still married, so lustful thoughts will be shared with the hubby.  Here is the G rated version 🙂

Five items I lust after are:

  1. RX-8: It’s sexy, sporty, and I almost bought one back in my day.custom-mazda-rx8-blue-mazda-rx-8-blacknightz-coupe-project-pictures
  2. Channing Tatum: besides the obvious that he is so sexy,  it’s his ability to dance that makes him so hot.  If he moves like that on the dance floor, what’s it like in bedroom?         channing-tatum
  3. Superstar Luxury Vacation: must come with servants. who want to deal with the masses?   dream vacation
  4. Price-is-No-Object Shopping Spree:  where i have a driver who will wait for me and my girls in a limo and an assistant who will carry our bags, get us drinks, call the personal shoppers before we arrive, etc.                    luxury_brands
  5. Inner Peace:  Really, at the end of the day all I want is inner peace.  Happy with what I have, but still want the ‘little’ things to strive for (well, maybe not Channing…maybe LOL)inner peace


What do you lust after?


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