30 day writing challenge / Diet Dayz

A Problem I Have Had – Day 18

This was pretty difficult at first thought.  I am one of those ‘half-full’ type mentality.  I don’t have problems.  I have challenges that I overcome.  People are problems sometimes (I already wrote about Haters), but really, I’m quick to cut you off.  Bye-Bye.  I have too much on my plate to waste my time on people not worthy of it.

My ‘challenge’ has turned into a problem, because it’s still not worked out.

Problem:  I need to lose weight.

I haven’t gotten back down to my pre-baby weight.  Close at one point, but not back to pre-baby weight yet.  When I had my first child I ballooned to 215-lbs!  That’s a lot of weight already, but especially for someone who’s less than 5’5″.  I lost weight, but again, not back to pre-baby weight.  Then next thing I know, I’m pregnant again.  I was more cognizant of what I ate and did not gain as much weight as my first pregnancy.

After my second child I was still too big.  Well, my competitive nature was enough to help.  My brother and I would weigh in each weak and in Biggest Loser fashion of measurement, whoever lost the largest percentage of weight would win $5.  I wrote about it each week here.  It worked!  I lost 30-lbs and kept it off.

Well, things change and I was being as aware of what I was eating and when.  I didn’t eat too much junk, but eating late right before going to bed is a recipe for disaster to your waistline.   Giving in to my monthly cravings after I fixed the late night eating bump didn’t help.  Life may be stressful, but eating so poorly is not the solution.

What I did learn that works for me is:

  1. drink more water
  2. eat regular smaller meals
  3. writing down what I ate
  4. don’t bring any unhealthy snacks into the house, i.e. chips, chocolate, cookies, cake
  5. don’t eat after 8pm
  6. exercise more

Now, just to put those things in practice and this problem will be solved.


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