30 day writing challenge

Something That You’re Proud Of – Day 17

This topic for the 30-day writing challenge took a little longer to write. I really had to think. I’m proud to be the daughter of amazing parents who left family and friends to move to countries where at times they didn’t know the language, all for the opportunity of a better life for their children.   I’m proud of my dad who is very technically savvy and taught himself how to build a computer.  I’m proud of my son who is advanced in his reading skills for his age and is one of the youngest students in his level at his martial arts class.  I’m proud of my cousin who worked hard and saved enough money to buy a home on her own.  But, these are their accomplishments. Not mine.


I am proud of my strength to overcome adversity.

  • When my whole department was laid off due to restructuring (included myself) I didn’t know how I was going to pay the bills.
    • I got a better job making good money.
  • When Franklin had a bleed out during dialysis, any lessor person would have fallen apart.
    • I was able to arrange everything for everyone.  From childcare, work, and 911 call quickly.  Life was back to a manageable level by the end of the day.
  • When I lost all my hair they say due to advanced alopecia and had to wear a wig,Iwas devastated.  What defines a female.  Hair and boobs.  I was young.  It’s how I felt then.  I think it was stress.  Franklin had just got diagnosed with kidney failure, I wasrunningmy own business for the first time, and I had just started my first job out of University.
    • I made changes to managed my stress.  I let go of my business which allowed me the time to manage the new job and Franklin.
    • My stress level went down.  My hair length went up.
    • I’ve never had it again.

I may not be as rich as I think I could be monetarily, but I make a decent amount that pays the bills and provides a comfortable life.  I am rich in ways that matter to me.  My family.  My health.

No matter what challenges life throws my way, I will succeed.

I am proud of my strength to overcome adversity.





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