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Surgery Now – False Start

We get the call on Monday while I am teaching a new hire orientation technical training program.  They have a spot that just opened up and although there are others ahead of you the Doctor wants to get you in Wednesday.  Whoa!  First we could book it ourselves and now it’s go time.  Fortunately I work for a great organization that was very accommodating of the short notice.  I explain the situation and Boss Lady worked things out with HR.   I get  home and find out he has to be admitted Tuesday for Wednesday’s surgery.  Oooo.k.  I am still training, but will go right after work.  It is a balancing act of work, child care, and being there for my husband.

Tuesday while I’m teaching I get more calls from Franklin.  He just got a call not to come down yet.  There has been an influx of patients.  His bed is now in question.   A few hours later and another call.  The bed is gone.  The surgery is not happening.  Stop. Start. Stop.

rollar coaster

It is frustrating this roller coaster, but at the same time I am relieved.  It was all moving very fast.  Now, I have to explain to Boss Lady that it is not happening.  She is supportive.  This takes one of the stresses off my mind.  At the end of the day family comes first.  I could always find another job if I needed to, but thankfully I don’t have to.  Bills still need to get paid.  I still need this job.

My nerves are starting to wear thin…


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