Surgery Now – Come Down Tonight

Déjà vu.  It’s Monday one week later and on my commute home I get another call from Franklin.  He just got a call from the Doctor himself.  Another bed and surgery spot has opened up and they want him to get admitted in tonight (in 2 hours!) and have surgery at 8 am the next day.  It’s GO time AGAIN.

I get to my parents and start making my calls after explaining to my parents that I need them…again.  Guilt aside of asking for help, I can’t do it without their help right now.  Next is Boss Lady.  I explain that we got the call and the arrangements need to move forward as of today.  I will email tonight my current tasks/projects that require action during my absence.  Check.  His mother.  Check.  My cousin to pick up kids to give my parents a break after so many hours of watching my kids.  Check.  Brother to take one of them to his activity.  Check.

Now to drive home and pick up the man of honour.  He is strangely calm.  We pack some clothes and need to burn rubber.  Let the confusion begin.

The nurse on the floor didn’t know that we were coming in.  I explain he needs dialysis tonight.  It’s been going on 3 days if he doesn’t get it tonight.  His regular day off – day 1.  Too much pain – day 2.  Being called in to the hospital instead of doing therapy – day 3.  We sit and talk.  Laugh.  Reminisce of our 22+ years together, our sons and their awesomeness, and we wait.  3-hours later and still we haven’t seen a doctor.  I have to get the children.  Big boy has school the next day, it’s late, and all the other logical reasons.  I stay another hour.

I will be back tomorrow to see him before he goes in.


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