Crochet Hook Conversion Chart

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I thought this would be helpful.

At the very least, I will find it helpful. ;D Note: Varies from Mfr to Mfr, but Boye’s Aluminum G Hook is 4.25 mm, while their Baline line is 4 mm. When using European patterns, just do the best you can. 🙂 I know for the fingerless gloves I was making, the designer called for a 4 mm hook. I started with just a G hook (4.25 mm); gloves were too loose. I found a G hook of my fiancee’s grandmother worked best, but I’ve since misplaced it, so I am making gloves with a F (3.75 mm from Boye) which makes them a bit snug, but it’s better that than they fall off. Happy Hooking!

2.0 14
2.25 B/1 13
2.5 12
2.75 C/2
3.0 11
3.25 D/3 10
3.5 E/4 9
3.75 F/5

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