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FB Racist Comment – I had to say something

Warning:  many expletives are used.  my apologies in advance.  it’s one of those topics that gets me pretty pissed off.  and before you get on your high horse to judge me and my choice of words,  just leave now.

I haven’t written in a while.  Tons of things have happened, but just didn’t want to share.

You read about de pickney dem and online bullying.  I would think, why would you fight with someone you don’t even know?  But, recently a Facebook friend posted a picture of  a shitty car  parker who was hitting cars in front and behind him as he tried to wedge his car into a street parking spot.


That alone gets my road rage boiling.  I’ve had my share of unexplained scratches and dings on my ride.  The thought of someone blatantly hitting other people’s’ cars to squeeze into a spot he has no business even attempting to get in just pisses me off.  But, I digress.  The reason for this post was one of the comments on said picture.

Racist MotherFucker posts: “Lol… Nice another quick fix for avenue collision CSN …. Must be an Asian … I’ve been dealing with them all week and it’s not even snowing a lot … I love chinks lol”

My response to this stranger: Fuck YOU ! You’re a racist mother fucker and should shut your pie hole . Keep your bullshit to yourself. That shit will not be tolerated. Sorry , I know this might be one of your boys, but I will not let that shit slide. I could just ignore, but won’t.

I don’t know  why this particular post got me all riled up.  I could just be the nice quiet girl who just ignores the ugly side of people.  Ignorance is bliss.  But, sometimes you can’t.  Saying nothing is letting people like him think that this is acceptable.  It’s not!

This racist motherfucker works for Avenue Collision CSN.  If you’re smart, you won’t be going to them for insurance.  They have proven racist assholes who will be working on your claim.  I’m sure there are more horror stories with those interactions.

Another standby and didn’t say anything story:

A friend lived in a small town north of the city.  He and his wife were selling their house and had an open house to try to sell it faster.  That night his friendly neighbour chatted with him after he drove in and got out of his car.

Neighbour:  How’d the open house go?  Any takers?

Friend:  There were a few interested.  We’ll see when the offers come in.

Neighbour:  Just don’t sell it to any Brown people.

They laughed.

When my husband, Franklin, went to visit with him, his friend relayed the story.  The friend expected another chuckle.  He didn’t get it.  Franklin asked him “why he didn’t say something to the guy?  You laughing it up with him, just lets him think that that’s ok”.  GOOD POINT!  That happened many years ago.  But, that struck a cord in me.  I’ve always remembered Franklin’s righteous point.

The silver lining (cause that’s the kinda girl I am) is that at least racist MF’s blatant with his attitude.  You know to avoid him and his place of business.  It’s the quiet MFs who are friendly and polite to your face, but secretly put you at the bottom of the list within their power.   Be it for a job, a dinner reservation, renting a car, hotel room, etc.

Don’t let this attitude/behaviour be tolerated.  Because you could be the next one in a concentration camp, drinking from a different fountain, paying a head tax.


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