Avocado Shake Light

This drink is refreshing and delicious!  The way I make it it has way less sugar and fat than the traditional Vietnamese Avocado Shake I found here.  Instead of water going to try with coconut milk.  Have to try to get calcium into my Boy 2 with all the allergies.  And he loves this!


1/2 a ripe avocado

1-2 tsp sugar (depending on taste)

1 cup crushed ice

1 cup water


  1. Scoop the flesh of the avocado into the blender
  2. Add crushed ice, 1 tsp sugar, and water
  3. Blend and taste.  Add other tsp of sugar if needed.  Add additional water to get the consistency preferred

My notes:

  • I love boiling some large tapioca in sugar water and adding it to my version of an avocado shake for a chewy goodness.  But, even without the ‘bubbles’ it’s delicious.  When I do this I add very little sugar since the tapioca will be sweet.
  • My dad prefers it without sugar.  Still delicious for those who are diabetic
  • The original is made with condensed milk and milk.  This way is richer and extra deliciously decadent.
  • Avocados are a great source of ‘good’ fat.  And perfect to add some vitamins to the kids diet.
  • Might try it with brown sugar, honey, etc. to add the sweetness instead of white sugar

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