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Chapter 2 – Page 1

I feel to write about nothing in particular or too heavy.  Welcome to Chapter 2 of my short story.  You can read the previous chapter here.  New to my short story?  Here’s the list of the chapters here.  Based on the votes for BFF on my last survey, I went with the highest votes – Male, single, and gay; Female, divorced, and loving it.  I’ve added it WATTPAD so you can read the story as it gets updated .

How is it possible to have 300 emails already??  I logged in from home last night to clear things up just so I wouldn’t have to deal with the avalanche of CYA (Cover Your Ass) emails.  Ugh.  I hate people.  The Survivor tactics of the office jungle are just a series of challenges of fashion disasters – from boring Developer to skanky Associate, project update meeting firing squads – who’s getting blasted this time? and the lunch time balance – I will bring lunch to save money and my waistline, which will start tomorrow…I swear to my scale and bank account.  If I see another email that starts with “As requested” or “As per our conversation”  I’m going to have to give someone a beat down.

Wait!  A couple of purple emails.  Thank you Microsoft.  I love Outlook’s conditional formatting.  I can identify the important ones without having to read through each one of these emails.  Hmmm…which one should I read first? Jon or Elivia?  Elle did just announce her divorce the other day.  Love you babes, but too heavy.  Jon Jon, you are winner by default.  Click!

Girl!  Who are you making googly eyes with?  What was he wearing?  Did you sneak a pic with your phone?  Let’s go shopping at lunch.  xoxo – Jon Jon

Oh right!  I texted him this morning on the GO Train.

Tell you at lunch.  Come pick me up at 1pm.  Smooches!

OK Elle, lay it on me.  Click!

The divorce is final.   Let’s do lunch.  My treat!  Or should I say HIS treat! LOL

Wow!  That was fast.  She only told me about the divorce the other day.  I am going to miss Xavier.  But, once you divorce my friend you divorce me too.  Gotta tell The Husband.

That was fast!  Come meet me and Jon Jon at my building at 1pm.  X can take us all out for lunch!  Smooches

Where should we go for lunch?  Definitely liquid lunch.  Better touch up my make up first.  I’ll pass by Jane’s desk and see what candy treats she has at her desk.  Reception is always the hub.  You don’t want to piss off your admin staff.  Otherwise I won’t get all my personal calls put through, get my expenses done, nor hear all the gossip.  Gossip – faster on all updates than any 3 hour meeting.  Hee hee.  Gotta tell her about Mr. Morning Distraction.

As I approach Jane’s desk I see she’s busy.  Why is she giggling.  She’s usually so professional.  Weird.  Whatever.  I’ll talk to her on my way back. I still got to get my report ready for this morning’s meeting.

The back of that suit looks familiar….



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