Encapsulating Peritoneal Sclerosis (EPS)

It Almost Happened – Emergency Averted

Franklin’s stomach started hurting 3pm.  Maybe it was the mom and pop shop pizza joint we shared the slice from.

But, by 4:30pm he needed to get home.  I’m off with the two kids and my mom to drive him home, hit the bank, hit the errand destination that has to get done today.  All I do is pray it is “not happening”.  I tell him to text me in 30 minutes to let me know how he’s doing.  He doesn’t text.

I am stressed.  I snap at everyone.  My mom.  The kids.  I still haven’t received a text.

When we get home I am thankful we ate at my parent’s place before I drove home.  As soon as I get through the door I go and check on him.  He’s sleeping.  I give the kids some fruits to ‘top them up’ and then its teeth, playtime, story, bed.  Looks like no dialysis again.  Ugh.  First it’s because the R/O was broken.  Now it’s because he’s having stomach problems.  If it’s not his stomach I worry about than it’ll be his rising toxins, potassium, and phosphates.

I can’t sleep a wink.  I just keep praying that we don’t have to go to Emergency.  He’s not snoring but, at least he’s not moaning in pain.  The next morning I have dark circles under my eyes and I am mentally and physically exhausted.  Franklin wakes up and says he feels better.  His stomach is sore like it does after he’s had an EPS attack.  He’s “fine”.  Whatever buddy!  We are going to the hospital to see your Nephrologist to make sure there is not a problem.  I don’t want it to happen tonight either!  My nerves cannot take another night of being all prung.

Thank God we have my parents.  I give them a call at 7:20 am to ask if they can watch both kids so we can head down to the hospital. Thankfully they are available and we head down.

After some waiting, x-ray, more waiting, we are able to go.  No obstruction.  Franklin’s “I told you so” smug attitude makes me one to smack him upside the head.  At least the nurse gets it.  She tells him it is very stressful for his wife.  D’UH!

I am just thankful that we didn’t have to go to Emerg and deal with insensitive hospital staff (not to discount the angels we’ve encountered, but we’ve had our fair share of jaded nurses), cries for morphine, inexperienced staff who don’t know how to put an NG tube in, 5 days of hospital stay, dialysis in hospital (where he contracted a bacterial infection in his central line before that almost killed him.  he was on strong antibiotics for 14 days because if the bacteria made it into his heart it will make holes in his heart), and all the monetary expenses that go along with it (I’m still not working so that would just be more stress).

Silver lining.  We are home.  It is a good day.

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