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Re-Structured, Re-Organization, Downsizing, all boils down to being now unemployed

There was a special team meeting.  I thought they were finally awarding me the big Principles in Practice award I had been nominated for a couple of months earlier.  It had to be reviewed and approved before winning.  Nomination was not enough.  I had won other Act for Impact awards and received their prizes already, but since the boss’s boss was coming I thought it was for the bigger award.  So, naive.

When I saw my boss, boss’ boss, AND a Human Resources officer come in to the room, it hit me like a ton of bricks.  They are shutting down our group and everyone will have 60-days to find another job within the organization.  If you can’t find one within that time I will receive the official termination papers and my severance pay.  Franklin took it harder than I did.  I’ve been a training consultant for a several years doing back-to-back contract work for Fortune 500 organizations.  I know how to get the next contract/job.

It’s nothing personal.  It was a business decision and everyone got let go.  If the forecast for profits are down the only way to keep the books balanced is to cut expenditures.  Welcome to the job market in the 21st century.  If it was just me, then I’d have to re-access, but it’s everyone in the group.  I’ll just have to put on my suit on and get my networking mojo going.  It’s been about 30-days and I have had about 6 interviews.  One of them being a second interview.  I’m confident I will find another job.  It’s just a  matter of finding the right next step in my career.  I could get an entry-level paying job easily, but I’m holding out for the right fit.  The right organization.

As an interpersonal, analytical, and organized training and development professional with over 10 years experience in the financial, technology, automotive and contact centre industries, I have a proven history of effective end-to-end group and individual adult learning sessions.  Being flexible in adapting to challenging timelines and priorities in a fast-paced environment while meeting and often exceeding client expectations has rewarded me with multiple company awards.  My passion for continuous learning and customer service has driven my professional development.

My positive and high-energy attitude coupled with my experience in training software, new hire, change management, needs analysis, career coaching and technical support are a great match to organizations committed to improving employee/client efficiencies.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t slightly worried.  As the only one working for a paycheck in our household the last couple of years, we need the money.  Franklin’s job is to do his dialysis (40-hrs a week), stay healthy, help watch the children, do laundry, garbage, etc.  Not all of them get done well, if at all, but he does what he can and I am thankful he is alive and loves us.  Our savings and the severance will hold us afloat.  We will not starve or lose our home….yet.  Far from it.  But, the lifestyle we have become accustomed to may have to change.  I will not sacrifice the extra-curricular activities for the kids.  They enjoy it and it’s making the physically healthy and intellectually ahead of many their age.  What more can I ask for.  If it came down to losing the house or the extras, I’m not a dummy.  I’ll make sacrifices where I have to.  His meds, that he cannot get life insurance, when our van breaks down, his car needs a tune up, new breaks, etc., the kids activities, property tax, insurance, mortgage, water/electric bill (which is considerably higher than the average consumer as Franklin’s dialysis machine runs 45+ hrs a week to do his dialysis and disinfection), phone, cable, internet, cell phones, kids winter boots/coats, etc. it all adds up.  But, I know even with all that I am still faring better than many.  I am grateful to have my health.  With that I can take care of everything else.  I can get a job to pay the bills.  I can take the kids to their activities.  I can help Franklin with his dialysis.

But, for now, I’m enjoying the time with the kids.  The breakfasts.  Putting one down for a nap while I do art with the other.  Not watching the clock.  I do put aside several hours a week to work on my job search.  The tailored applications, the follow-up thank you emails, the networking coffees/lunch, etc.  Looking for a job is a job.

When one door closes, I look for the window.  My drive, confidence, experience, tenacity, and positive attitude won’t let me settle for anything else.  Next job, watch out.  I am on my way!


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