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Melt Down. Road Rash. Parental Guilt. Oh My!

With one passing comment from my lovely niece about missing knowing what’s going on in my life, it was enough to motivate me to write this post.  I get to see my loves every week, but it’s not the same.  They’re both in post-secondary education and add a boyfriend to boot, well, I’m just thankful they remember me at all.  When they share their “stories”, as we like to call it, I feel honoured that they would confide in me.  It’s not easy to open up about the trials and tribulations of the young adult female life.  I just remember the best about my confidant was that she did not judge me.  It’s what I try to do with them.  Auntie Love Power!!

Anywho, the other day was just an eye-roller and I was a tad embarrassed that my cousin had to witness it all.  It started out with Suez coming over so we could go swimming at 8am.  Well the day before it was after 8am and she bailed, so when she did “our call” (she rings once or twice then hangs up to let me know she’s on her way) it was after 8am, so I figured she was just bailing again.

The kids were awake already, so we all rolled downstairs while I made them breakfast.  Next thing I know there she was!  Usually I try to be dressed and waiting at the door so she doesn’t have to wait, but this time I was still in my PJs and I didn’t even know where my swimsuit was.  And with only 30ish more minutes of lane swim left, it was my turn to bail.

I love having her over and hanging out, so we enticed her to stay with breakfast and Blue Mountain coffee.  We needed more soy cheddar cheese for Boy 2.  He has finally come around and is eating grilled cheese sandwiches.  That’s probably what has contributed his 2-lb weight gain at his last check-up.  It’s not huge, but with all his allergies, toddler finickiness, and tiny appetite, I’m just happy he’s on an upward trend.

There’s a huge natural food grocery store called Natures Emporium.  A bit pricey, but has one of the best selections for the vegan alternatives my boy needs.  Well, in true Daddy fashion, he picks up a bag of SpongeBob gummy candy.  I don’t mean to be a candy nazi, but after having THREE cavities at his last dentist appointment, there was no way would I passively let my husband and parents give them candy willy nilly.  I tell Boy 1 he can have a candy every Friday and he’s fine with it.  He yips and yells when Fridays get here since he gets to choose something.  I know my husband and parents still give them sugar, but at least it has been drastically cut back because they know they’ll feel my wrath.  I veto’d the gummy candies quickly, but not quick enough.  I WANT CANDY!!  I WANT CANDY!!  We bee line it to the cash register, but the entire time he is crying and freaking out.  I can’t get him the candy now even if I wanted to.  You cannot reward bad behaviour/melt downs with their demands.  I try to say there maybe a treat in the car, but nothing helps.  Franklin firmly, a bit too harsh for my ears, to STOP CRYING.  ugh….Let’s just get the hell out of here.  Mom of the Year sarcastic nomination #1.

Not that the next stop is going to bring us less drama.  It’s Costco on a Saturday.  Enough said.  As we are heading back to the car, the kids are going to run to Franklin who’s opening the van doors.  Marcus runs right to him, but Lucas runs past him to the other side of the van.  I start to run after him after I see him pass Franklin.  Panick!!  FRANKLIN!!  LUCAS IS ON THE OTHER SIDE!!  He’s out of sight.   I’m running.  If he runs around the car, there are many cars that just zoom around the parking lot and he might get hit.  We’re both running to get him.  Out of nowhere I get checked.  Down I go.  My pinky toe twists.  I have road rash on my legs and hands.  I am splayed out on the road.


Get the baby!  Get the BAAAAAABY!!

I got him!  I got him!  Are you OK?!?

I see him crouching down with Lucas squirming to get out of his arms and laughing.  I cry.  He was already at the driver side door.  That was too close.   The adrenaline goes down and the pain goes up. waaaaaaaaaah.  Just get me the phuck home please.  I try not to get upset at Lucas.  He’s a toddler.  This is not chasing time.  When I tell you to stop you must stop.  It’s not safe to run away in a parking lot.  You could get hit.  Stay with your brother when you run to dad.  Ok??  His sniffling ‘OK’ is comforting.  But, I just feel guilty that he was 3 steps ahead.  We were on the sidewalk right behind the parking spots along the building where our trunk face the sidewalk.  Ugh.  Mom of the Year sarcastic nomination #2.

Who do we see in our driveway when we get back?  My parents.  It’s all good as we have a close connection.  But, with the extra activities we signed Marcus up for starting up the following week and Franklin’s idea that he should cancel the extras and just focus on school, I cop-out and throw Franklin under the bus.  I don’t agree with it, so let him deal with it.

ME:  Franklin you tell my dad about the classes.

DAD:  Tell me what?

HUSBAND:  Oh yeah dad.  Can you cancel those classes.

DAD:  WHY!?!

HUSBAND:  I think he needs to focus on school and get settled.  He can start up again next term.

DAD:  Focus on what??  The TV?  Those classes are only an hour.  What do you think he’ll be doing?

ME:  That’s what I said!!

HUSBAND:  Ok.  You’re right.  We’ll keep him in the class.

DAD looks at me:  Why don’t you make up your mind.  Don’t ask me to sign him up for classes if that’s not what you want.  I don’t want to sign him up  and cancel.  Make sure you are sure before you agree.

ME  seething:   Well if you signed him up under my account instead of yours I could deal with it instead!

DAD leaves

ME guilty

I look at Suez and just shake my head.  She pats my back.  We all head-in.  Daughter of the Year sarcastic nomination #1.
Surprisingly the kids are still filled with energy.  Ugh.  Since Suez is in her very early steps of looking to buy a home, I suggest take the boys for a walk and check out the some open houses in the area.  She says yes.  Bless her.  Always willing to come with me and the kids.   Franklin gets to rest and we’re off to:

  • have marcus ride his bike and one of us jog behind him
  • have lucas in his peddle car that he’s peddling too slow, doesn’t want to sit in, or puts his feet down when we’re jogging to keep up
  • have marcus forget his helmet in one of the houses
  • carry lucas, push the pedal cart, and have him screaming if Suez tries to touch his cart or him

Just one of those days…


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