European Cruise – Poker Night

I’d been dying to hit the casino on board.  Poker or BlackJack, preferably poker.  We passed through the casino and found that it was $1/$3 No Limit poker.  And after chatting with the dealer, it turns out that the last few nights people are quite passive and play ‘vacation poker’ by just calling blinds without much raising.   With a little aggressive play I could clean up.

My cousin generously offered to baby sit the kids one night during the cruise so my dad and I could check out the poker table.  She knows we have our weekly family dinner/poker night.  I said I’d only be gone for an hour, so she should be ok.

While she watched the boys, I put Boy 2 to sleep before I left and Boy 1 was still up.  Then like a tag-team wrestling match, Boy 1 fell asleep and Boy 2 is up crying for mum…mum…mum

She kept walking back and forth with Boy 2 to try to settle him down.  Checking the washroom and closet and telling him Mum wasn’t there. When he settled down a bit and she went to washroom.  She left the door ajar to still listen for him, so he peeked in.  I guess he was hoping I was in there, but realized I wasn’t and starting crying again.

After a while, he realizes Mum is not coming home and now he’s crying out for gung-gung (grandfather on mother’s side).  Ummm…Gung-gung isn’t here either, Love.  The Toopy and Binoo shows on the laptop bought her a few minutes, but eventually the crying started again and it became too much for one person to handle.   She needed backup.  She called her brother to come down to the room.
Meanwhile at the casino, Dad is kicking ass.  I keep wanting to play just one more round since I just paid big blind and will wait one more round until I’m dealer.  One hour has come and gone.  All the while my dad keeps reminding me we should leave now.  He doubles up with trip 6s when the guy had trip 4s.  Awesome!!  Cause I’m down and he’s up.  And in true loving Daddy form, he gives me a $100 to help me cover my losses.
We arrive back just as Boy cousin walks through the door.   The next night, my dad asks if I want to play poker again.  Sure!  You going to watch my kids??  He asks if Susan would mind watching again. LOL  I don’t want to ask.   I am thankful for her generosity.  It would just be greedy to ask again.
Note:  a couple of nights later, she offers again.  bless her heart (I did not take her up on her offer, rather I ask my parents to watch the kids so she and I could have a night out)

2 thoughts on “European Cruise – Poker Night

  1. On the topic of babysitting – thought that I’d let you know I had my first babysitting experience the other week with the niece and it went great – we did have to give her some tough love when she wanted to eat at 245 and feeding time wasn’t until 3pm! Lots of screaming, but I wouldn’t relent!

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