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Jetlag – Toddlers and Mom – The Day After

We’re back from our 1-week European Cruise with my parents, uncle, aunt, two cousins, and one niece.  The ten of us survived.  I will post about the adventures, the snappiness that only family who love each other will have when you are traveling together, and the craziness that is traveling with my two toddlers and no husband.
But, this particular blog that I’m writing at 5 AM is to give credence to the saying “I need a vacation from my vacation”.  It was almost 24-hrs of being awake from the 5:30 am wake up to leave the cruise ship, losing my dad’s 40-year old watch and almost missing the plane ride home, 9-hr flight with two toddlers while sitting on our own, having an allergic reaction on the plane and having to use Benedryl, customs, etc.  There was no way I could go to work the next day as planned.  NO freaking way.

While the kids wake up at 3:45am the night we get home, I was able to put them back to sleep at 5am.  Franklin woke up with them at 7am, thank goodness, and I was able to sleep in till 11am.  I  was still tired as hell, but I figured I should try to get back into reality living and not sleep the day away.

By 2pm the kids were still bouncing around.  I have no idea where they get the energy from, but by now me and Hubby need to connect.  Quiet Time Pickneys!  I finally get them to sleep which seems great, but Boy 1 is sleeps through dinner and longer!  Boy 2 wakes up and I feed him dinner.  By 8pm it’s time he falls asleep in my arms.   Boy 1 is still asleep.  This can’t be good.
And at 2:15 AM  I find out how bad it is.  Boy 1 is awake.  He tries to be quiet, but by 2:33 AM is he hungry and vocal.  Which considering you’ve slept since 2 PM makes sense.  But, doesn’t make enough sense for me to want to get out of bed.

By 3:30 AM I am awake too.  Who wouldn’t be since both boys are playing swords and I’ve yelled at them to go lie down in bed a gajillion times.   By 4:30 AM I tell him to go downstairs to get a banana to eat.  By 5 AM I am downstairs making them both food, we’re watching SpongeBob, and all I can think about is how I am going to be so fracking tired later.

I am wide awake and it’s 5:55 AM.  Work, here I come.

Double-shot, skinny cappuccino from Starbucks.  Yes, please.


2 thoughts on “Jetlag – Toddlers and Mom – The Day After

  1. I can totally emphasize with this – sometimes, I think I need to have a follow-up Staycation after a vacation!

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