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Road Rage Triggers – Highway Edition

Well, if you remember reading my post on Road Rage Triggers, there was quite a few people who felt the same frustration when driving with idiots on the road.

I wanted to comment about the idiots on the road again, but specifically the idiots on the highway.

  1. Driving to the very list inch of road before merging in and expecting people to let you in:  Once you are off the on-ramp and you are trying to merge into traffic, get in when you can.  Why do you find it necessary to drive all the way to the end of the lane before you get your signal on.  There was tons of space behind me, but instead you speed up to the end of the merge lane, put your signal on, and then have the audacity to give ME the dirty look for not letting you in.  Suck my tail pipe!  Especially those who go around the car who is slowly merging in behind me, drives to the half foot before the lane ends to try to get in front of me.  You get the single finger salute pal.
  2. On the flip side to that are the people who won’t let anyone in.  It’s bumper to bumper traffic and I need to merge in.  You let one car in, the car behind you should let one car in, and so on, and so on.  Don’t speed up and not let me in.  Then totally stare ahead as if your neck is broke and can’t turn it to acknowledge you are being an a-hole.  Karma.  Trust that one I’m in the lane I will move over to the next lane and I will NEVER let YOU in.  I will watch you in my rear view to make sure you do not get ahead of me in my lane if I have anything to do about it.
  3. The law implemented about people using their cellular phone is a joke.  I wish I had a dollar for every time I see people still talking on their phones.  Get a hands-free gadget if your conversation is so important.  Personally, I just pump up the Street Mix drive at 5pm and putter on home.  At some point you need to unplug people.  Be in the little bubble of your car and be out of reach to everyone for the drive.  Trust me.  You are not that important.  What kills me are those same people are driving and talking are the same ones how cause #2 most of the time.  They are oblivious! on so many levels.
  4. Rubber neckers who cause the longer delays.  I get that you may have a car that stopped working on the highway (been there), or there’s a fender bender, or even just someone changing a flat on the side of the road.  These things get moved over and yet still there are kilometers and kilometers of traffic backed up.  When my driving commute is already too long, I am ready to shoot myself or someone else by the second hour.  What the hell is the hold up?!?  Every single car creeps past it and as soon as they pass the distraction on the side of the road the traffic is clear sailing.  Like no one was there.  It’s that invisible line that separates us from being in traffic and speeding away home (probably right into a speed trap)
  5. People who back upon the on-ramp.  So, you didn’t listen to 680 NEWS radio station to find out about the traffic accident on the highway before you get on.  That doesn’t mean you back up!  How can you notexpect to get into an accident.  Find, you don’t care, you’d rather risk it??  How about the poor schmuck you hit?  Why should their insurance go up?  And you better hope no one gets hurt because of your b.s.  There’s a special Darwinian room for you dumb dumb.

When there is no traffic a long drive on a sunny day with the windows down and the music on loud can be so enjoyable.  Especially when you ‘borrow’ your brother’s Corvette. heehee.  But, not when you are driving in rush our traffic on the highway with a bunch of idiots.

Please tell me I’m not the only one and I have a rage problem.


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