Diet Dayz

Eleisa’s Boody by Vi – Day 7

Another day I didn’t do it.  Same excuse.  It’s the weekend and while I make the kids breakfast I want to eat hot food instead of a shake.  Even if the shake has a great taste of cake mix, I prefer food. 

Franklin is having a rough day and is sleeping.  He sleeps all day and periodically wakes up calling out for me to give him Tylonal.  I take care of the two drippy nose kids and ,et him sleep.  By 1pm I ask how he’s doing, but he still cannot open his eyes because the light is too bright.  The lights are off and there only barely light in the room coming through the curtained window.  I guess I’ll be missing my cousin’s wedding shower.  This is one of the reasons I hate making plans.  I can’t count on him feeling well and I just disappoint people and myself.  This is not the first time nor the last.  I hate you Kidney Failure!

By 3:30pm the bear wakes from his slumber and our stomachs are grumbling, but the kids are napping.  Franklin suggests we go to The Dumpling House without the kids.  It’s his Birthday weekend, so you get what you wish for, right?  I call the ‘rents to see if they’ll watch the kids when they wake up.  I call The Godfather to see if he wants to join us (he did introduce us to The Dumpling House, we’re not sure where it is, and we enjoy his company).  Love dumplings!  So delicious dipped in my concoction of hot sauce, soy sauce, and the juice of a few dumplings that have soup inside.  I lost count of how many I had.  I was overstuffed so it couldn’t have been too many.  LOL

It has been seven days and I have really only followed this thing for 5.  And I did eat tons of food since it was a birthday eats this weekend.  OK, enough of the disclaimer.  I have haven’t lost any weight.  I’m not surprised.  Maybe a little disappointed.  But, if I’m being honest with myself, what did I expect?  I only had the thing once a day, did no exercise, and ate way too much on the weekend.  Actually, that’s awesome.  For all the food and non-activity, I DIDN’T gain weight.  woohoo for me!  It’s not great, but I am happy with it. 

The friend who is also doing this has lost NINE POUNDS in her first week and she hasn’t incorporated exercise into her regime yet!  She does drink the shake twice a day.  But, good for her to fight through the munchy faze and not indulge.  When I shared her success story with Franklin he was happy for her and was all “woohoo Jill!” but, also added that it’s probably ‘water weight’.  He’s probably just adding that on to make me feel better. LOL  Water weight or not, I know I couldn’t do it. 

We’ll see how week 2 goes.


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