Diet Dayz

Eleisa’s Body by Vi – Day 9

Well, it’s the shake again for my breakfast.  Ugh.  Even though it tastes good, you can only have a good thing so often that you  want something else.  But, I chug along and chug it down for breakfast.  I can’t remember what I had for my morning snack.

Lunch turns out to be the Korean lunch for $4 again.  Brown rice, glass noodles, coleslaw, and chicken stew type atop.  I teach the rest of the afternoon so no time for afternoon naughtiness.

For dinner Franklin has made spaghetti with meat sauce that have chunks of zucchini and mushrooms, and onions.  Delicious!  I want more, but figure I’ll wait a bit.  Sure enough, within 15-minutes I feel stuffed!  It helps to wait and help digest.  And I’m glad I did.

Marcus wanted some lemon meringue pie that we had left over from Franklin’s birthday weekend.  Well, I can’t deny him since he ate all his dinner, right? And a smile slice makes it to my lips too.  Not my favourite, but love cakes, pies, cookies, chocolates, ..SUGAR!

I’m sure I’ll pay for it on the scale.  But, to tell you the truth, I don’t care.  Momma wants her slice of pie.  It was exactly 3 bites, so it’s not like it was huge.  (I keep trying to convince myself)


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