Diet Dayz

Eleisa’s Body by Vi – Day 8

Back to the grind….for work and for this diet.  It’s getting to be a bit overwhelming at work because I have to teach again AND do all my other responsibilities.  My extra touches that I do to provide the best experience with each interactions with my clients is now biting me in the butt.  Ah well.  They’ve finally hired on another trainer so I won’t have to put in the double duty starting in March.  I’ll just have to catch up on everything else!

I do drink the shake in the morning even though I’m WFH today.  No fruit for morning snack, so by lunch I am so hungry.  The 2 cookies I eat are not enough to hold off the hungar.  Chugging all this water has all made me have to urinate more.  I am still very hungry.  So I end up getting 2 ribs, half a chicken breast, 1 baked potato, and some slaw (all left over from Swiss Chalet dinner over the weekend).  The Boys went downtown to drop off stuff at the hospital.  I scarf it down and am pretty full.  Actually, really full.  I think my stomach is shrinking.

For dinner, we are off to my parents.  Another healthy home cooked meal.  Less than half a cup of rice, one small pork chop, and green beans.  Delicious!

Still hungry….


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