Diet Dayz

Eleisa’s Body by Vi – Day 10

The kiddies are still sleeping while I get ready.  I make my shake and grab the spaghetti and meat sauce that Franklin has packed for my lunch from last nights dinner.  I purposely bought a smaller Pyrex container to help me with the portion control.  But, I just know it’s not going to be enough, so I pack a salad to eat with it.  I want to eat something so I grab a yogurt and quietly get out the door.

Without packing a spoon, eating my yogurt isn’t an option for the commute down to work.  Ah well, it works out since after my morning shake (which is Strawberry this time because I add the flavouring packet) it turns into my morning snack.  For lunch I eat the spaghetti and drink water.  I feel for a crunch so I head down to the store and grab a small bag of chips.  Love the party mix one so I don’t have to choose.  It has the cheesy ones, sun chips, pretzels, etc!  When I get back to my desk I remember my salad.  I figured I would eat it then eat the chips.  Hopefully, the salad will fill me up so I won’t eat too much chips.  D’oh!  Forgot to pack dressing.  But, I don’t have of those tiny Tupperware things to carry a bit of dressing and I don’t want to put it on in the morning and have soggy salad, so plain is ok.  Not great, but doable.  It was good.  Then the chips.  I eat most of it.

Off to teach Excel Pivot Tables and all of a sudden it’s the end of the day.  I grab the train with the rest of the weary and luckily find a seat for my one hour commute.  I am hungry.  I try chugging some water, but now I’m just bloated and hungry.  Halloween size Smarties!  Schweet!  Eat the 3 chips to finish off the bag of chips I bought this afternoon.

Luckily Franklin has prepped for dinner and as soon as we get into the house, he sticks it in the oven.  It’s Shake ‘n Bake pork chops, roast vegetables (mushrooms, zucchini, asparagus), salad, and rice.  Delicious!  I want more, but figure I’ll wait.  I resist wanting to finish my kids plates.  I do eat half a banana.

Franklin’s heading out to his buddy’s tonight, so it’s me and the kiddies.  I bought a whole bunch of blueberries, so I foresee baking some muffins with them tonight.  Hopefully I don’t eat them all.

Have to find one without milk, eggs, or butter.  Maybe I’ll just doctor the Vegan Banana recipe


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