Diet Dayz

Eleisa’s Body by Vi – Day 6

Didn’t do it today.  I want to eat food.  Since it’s the weekend and I’m not running out the door to work I have time to eat.  I don’t have any Zumba class to run off to since I didn’t sign up for one this winter session.

Breakfast is a bit of the soup pasta with lean group pork with the kids.  Not much.  I also heat up a bit of the chopped duck stuff from last night since I was still hungry.  As I put Lucas down for a nap I fall asleep too!  So tired from the sleep deprivation during the week.  We get up and it’s lunch time.  We watch Julie and Julia.  The movie about the girl who blogs about doing all the recipes in the book by Julia Childs.  Her blog turns into a movie.  MY DREAM!  So inspired we call my brother to head over to his place for 15 minutes.  We want to check out all his cook books to see if we can run with this inspiration and try some recipes.

We heat up some butternut squash soup and have a couple of pieces of flaxseed bread toasted with butter.  Not enough.  After much debate between Mexican or Indian, we decide to just get Italian and eat in.  Pizza Nova!  I only have one slice and finish Babe’s’ half that he didn’t eat.  Better than eating a whole slice, right?!?

Babe is getting a bit too rambunctious, which is a tell-tale sign he is tired and should have a nap.  We hop into the car and both kids fall asleep.  Schweet!  While the kids are asleep, I want to go get a cake since Franklin hasn’t blown out any candles yet.  And everyone needs to make a wish on their birthday.   I head out to the grocery store and grab a Lemon Meringue pie (they didn’t have his first 2 choices and I didn’t want his third choice) since it is also one of his favourites.

We’re staying in tonight, so I head over to Swiss Chalet after to pick up a family and ribs meal combo.  After 20 minutes in the take out line I am out the door.  Franklin is a bit pissy because I took so long.  Whatever.  I unpack groceries, get the children each a plate ready, and we eat the rest family style.  I am stuffed, but happy that I only ate half a breast (kids had the other half), one rib, 1/2 a roll (with butter because everything taste better with butter), Cesar salad that I picked up at the grocery store, corn (one of the sides from the combo), and the majority of the fries (also, one of the sides).  It doesn’t seem like a lot now that I’m typing it out, but it’s way too much carbs, and it’s past 7:30pm.

With only a small slice of pie (because I don’t prefer it, but hey, you gotta have a slice of birthday) I am off to do baths, teeth, and start the process of shutting down.



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