Diet Dayz

Eleisa’s Body by Vi – Day 5

I’m trying to play ‘catch up’ with these daily blog posts.  I had the shake in the morning.  Then provided a consulting session from 10am-12pm, so I didn’t have time to acknowledge my 10am hunger pangs.

It was Wendy’s for lunch with The Colleague.  I didn’t go full healthy and get a salad, although they did look OK.  I wanted meat!  So, I got a junior bacon cheeseburger, a small chili, and water.  Not the best choice, but definitely could have much worse on the calories, fat, sodium, front.  After finishing everything, I was craving their delicious sea salted fries.  I was really on the fence, but held strong and booted it outta there.  I knew a huge dinner awaited me.

Had a training session from 1:30pm-3:30pm, so again, no time to go get my typical Snickers or bag of chips for my afternoon munchie.  I did have 2 boxes of Halloween size Smarties.  Lesser of other evil choices.

Finally end of the workday and I’m waiting at my parents before we all head out for a celebratory birthday dinner for Franklin.  But, since we are waiting for a couple of hours, I munch on Miss Vicki’s Original chips and those pancake dots that you can get at P-Mall.  I’m hungry! and dinner isn’t until 7pm.  Next thing I know I eat ALL of the pancake things.  I combined one dot with one chip and I was in sweet and salty heaven.  It was also soft and crunch too!

We finally head out to dinner and it was a smorgasbord.  Corn egg-drop soup, lobster, Peking duck, lettuce cups with the chopped duck meat, deep-fried squid, Guy-Lan (Chinese broccoli) with sliced beef, this tender steak on a hot plate,  roast chicken, and rice.  I’m guess I am lucky that Lucas wanted to walk over to the fish tanks all the time.  Help me cut back a little.  But, then we all started taking turns walking him back there.  I’m sure I made up for my Lucas time and chowed on more than I should have.

Ah well.  It was to celebrate another birth year of my husbands.  Definitely worth the cheat day.


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