Diet Dayz

Eleisa’s Body by Vi – Day 4

It happens to be a Work From Home (WFH) day.  So, trying to get my head in the game and not eat all the food in my fridge.  I’m already regretting finishing Baby’s food last night.  I wasn’t even hungry.  But, it was there.  It tastes good.  It’s the late night eating that’s my nemesis.  Ugh! As I’m making food for the kids (they wake up typically around 5:45-6am) I can’t help but make a small bowl for myself.  I want hot food too!  This shake is not going to cut it.  But, after a few spoonfuls, I figure I should just drink the shake and give this thing a fair shot.  I already slipped up last night, so might as well give it the old college try this morning.  As 8am approaches, I slip away to work.  I didn’t bring any fruit for a snack :(.  So, again, by 10am I am hungry.  Hello, Halloween peanut M&Ms. The kids and husband come home from their morning activity and Franklin makes lunch for the kids.  This guy is adding up points!  I help feed the kids, then they are off to their grandparents.  Franklin’s going to get a sub, so I get a ham sub, no cheese, tons of veggies, on whole wheat with honey mustard sauce.  Sounds healthy right?  I eat the entire foot long.  A 6-inch just would not be enough.  I drink 1-L water with it and throughout the afternoon.  We’ll see how the rest of the afternoon lies. I had dinner at the ‘rents  again.  Cauliflower,  pork chops, rice and a big glass of water.  I get a home cooked meal, chat and connect with my mom and dad, and get home early enough to hang out a bit before bed.  As we pull into the house, we see my brother’s car.  Poor sucker lives close by, so we stop in to invite him to birthday dinner plans.  He has a variety pack of ice cream bars, cones, sandwiches, etc and Popsicles for The Baby.  Always a special treat for the kiddies when they visit their Uncle/Godfather.  So awesome of him, considering he doesn’t eat that stuff and he buys two different kinds since each kid likes different things. Sweet, but dastardly for my diet.  I ‘help’ Babes along with his treat since it’s way too much sugar before we go to bed.  Baby can’t finish his, but that goes into the sink (cause I prefer ice cream tonight).  But, other than that, I’m home free to go to sleep with the late night snacks.   I’m a little concerned I’m eating too little and my body is going to keep all the calories because it doesn’t know when’s the next meal!  I think I ate more before when I lost the 25+ lbs last year.  Haven’t done any walking at lunch yet. I’ll weigh myself tomorrow and see how things are.  I would be happy if I was down 1-2 lbs.    Slow and steady wins the race, as they say.


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