Diet Dayz

Eleisa’s Body by Vi – Day 3

This morning was so much better.  The kids woke up on their own and were happy and chill.  No tears when I left and even a “have a good day”.  I do get asked to change baby’s morning diaper and a glass of home-made lemonade, all before I’ve made my breakfast shake, packed my shoes, or put on my make-up.  ugh.

Well, surprise, surprise.  A new 2-L box of skim milk for me to make my shakes.  Sometimes The Husband gets it right.  So, this time I make my shake with 2-cups of milk with my 2 scoops.  I make sure I bring grapes and an apple because I remember I was so hungry in the morning just before lunch.

I drink my shake in a shorter time instead of sipping it over a couple of hours.  But, by 10am I am getting hungry again.  Thank goodness I brought the grapes and apple.  I ate them both!  And I’m good until lunch.  It’s brown rice, glass noodles, cole slaw salad, with chicken, in the right portions.  Probably a bit bigger than what is considered a good ‘portion’, but it’s smaller than some of the other lunch options out there.  And none of it is greasy, so I think it’s a good choice.  The other option was Subway subs, but I know I would have eaten a 12-inch since I was so hungry.  So, Korean lunch was perfect.  I wasn’t overly full and it was tasty.  I was training in the afternoon so no time for an afternoon snack.

Again, the lovely husband was on point.  He had spaghetti and meat sauce ready.  He had one of those market research thingys that pays you for your opinion, so he gets our food ready and is out the door about 6ish.   I feed the kids and we all finish eating by 6:30pm.  This is awesome.  We play toys in the basement, then head upstairs to start our shut down process.  Thankfully, my mom has bathed both kids already.  We colour, trace letters that spell “HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY”,  and hang out.  I brush everyone’s teeth and start Baby on his night-time dream travels.  Babes gets to finish his “homework”, as he calls it.

It’s 8:45am Babes was hungry.  Ugh.  It’s too late to be eating.  But, we go down so he can have a warm glass of milk.  Of course, there’s the pasta and meat sauce that Baby didn’t finish.  Of course I eat it.  I’m hungry.  It’s there.  I don’t want it to go to waste!

I finally weigh myself since and think I should be lighter, right?  I have felt a bit more energy.  WTF!?!  I have gained 2-lbs?!?  UGH!!  Well, it is end of day.  I will check again in the morning.  Day 4, here I come!



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