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Eleisa’s Body by Vi – Day 1

So, I’m finally going to try this.  The Husband ordered it for me back in November 2011 because I had talked about it since the summer and still hadn’t acted.  I was weary of replacing meals with a drink.  I love eating way too much.  But, after seeing a friend post a status on Facebook about her day 1 on Body by Vi, I figured I’d start today with her since I had it already.

A friend of mine is on it.  She lost 30 lbs in 3 months!  If I hadn’t seen the transformation myself, I wouldn’t believe it.  It’s too fast in too short of a time for my life.  She replaced two meals a day with Bod by Vi and also bought the snacks.  My concern for my lifestyle is I enjoy food way too much.  And how about when you stop taking the stuff and start eating even healthy low-calorie food to replace the drinks, you will probably gain weight since your caloric intake has increased.  I don’t want to yo-yo diet.

So, with Jilly’s status update and my friend’s success with it, I’m starting this journey of dieting.  I’m only going to replace one meal with this self-promoted healthy shake.  I typically have a large tea with an orange and cranberry muffin from McD’s when I work from the office.  Figuring the muffin is already 300+ calories alone, I’ll just replace this with the shake, which touts 90 calories per 8-ounce serving and already being less (as long as I can bring my late night snacking under control).  Bring an apple or banana for a snack before lunch.  Hopefully, this will help me lose the last 20-30 lbs.  30-lbs would probably be too much.  I haven’t weight that since high school!

So, as I am working from home, Franklin sets it up for me.  Already we have a problem.   Mix two scoops and 8-ounces of skim milk.  Where’s the scoop??  What’s 26 grams converted into millilitres?  Well, it was in the bag deep in the mix.  After the little treasure hunt, the mix is being mixed.  It does smell and taste like cake mix.  Too sweet for my taste.  Too much powdery residue in the cup while I’m drinking.   I was slowly drinking it.  So, maybe I was supposed to drink it in a little more quickly.  It came with some small flavour packets.  So chocolate/strawberry/not sure what else/etc. cake mix flavours are in my future.  I take my measurements.  I do the before photos (front and side).  I want to be one of those “holy $h!t” what a change after photos.

I don’t think it eating these will help me get there to those amazing after photos quickly.  But, I snacked my way through one turtle chocolate, a small handful of chip (thanks Gabe for leaving the Costco size Doritos from yesterdays game), and a Halloween peanut M&Ms.   The rest of the day went like this:  a tuna with onion and mayo on whole wheat sandwich for lunch (only one slice of bread.  Ate it like a pizza),  a cup of rice with corn beef and onions at dinner, 3 large glasses of water, and a large tea for breakfast.

It’s basic math.  To lose weight you have to burn more calories than what you put into your body.  You still have to eat to stay healthy, so starving yourself is not the right math.  Again, I love food and eating way too much to even consider that.  But, I did learn a few things last year.  I lost 26-28 and have kept it off.  Remember my Biggest Loser posts?  I went up or down less than 5-lbs.  And when it’s that time of the month, it happens.

What worked for me was:

  • Don’t eat after 7pm, or at least 3-hrs before you sleep.  Don’t get me wrong, I love getting stuffed and then passing out with itis.  Who says it feels uncomfortable??  But, I just don’t like feeling so full anymore.
  • Portion control.  I basically ate whatever I wanted, but in moderation.  I got to have my cookies, chocolates, cake, chips, etc.  But, I’d have one small slice of cake (sold at some grocery stores by the slice.  Love LaRocca cakes!)  Make sure you put your chips in a small bowl.  Again, helps with your portion control and you’re not constantly digging into the bag for “just one more”.   I’ll eat 1-3 cookies at a time.  But, I figure better to have it when I crave, than stuff 6 in my mouth because I’m finally having some.  Love the Halloween size chocolates.  Right size to satisfy my cravings.  After 1-3 again LOL
  • Exercise.  I only went once a week to Zumba, since The Husband has to watch the kids for the 6th day,  but I felt a difference.  I could jog from my building at work to the GO train, and not feel so winded.  Felt good.  Sadly, I didn’t sign up for the next session since It happened again in January.
  • I take the stairs instead of the escalator
  • I get the salad  instead of fries sometimes (when I can steal some from the Husband or kiddies.  Otherwise, I order some form of potato.  Mash, roast, baked, latkes, fried, – I love them all!)
  • I don’t eat one of the buns when I get a burger (who am I kidding.  I still get fast food sometimes).  I either remove the top of bottom bun.  It’s just extra carbs and when you combine all the fries you’re eating, why bother?
  • Be cognizant of what you eat for the day.  I used an online tool to help me make note of what I ate for the day.  It had some items you could check off and it would count the calories/fat/etc for you.  Also, if you had enough water for the day, and if you were on track, behind, etc of your goal of weight loss.  After the first month, I just couldn’t do it anymore.  If I didn’t do it daily, I just wouldn’t remember.   With smart phones and different apps, this may work for you.
  • Don’t eat too little.  You’ll just be too hungry later and over eat.  I eat at lunch even when I’m not hungry.  Because if I didn’t, I would eat way too much at dinner.

Franklin’s supposed to make me my shake to bring tomorrow morning.  We’ll see how that goes.  And I’m going to bring an apple as my snack before lunch.   Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “Eleisa’s Body by Vi – Day 1

  1. I too LOVE food way too much that all I’ve been thinking, dreaming, and talking about is food… and this could be why I weigh what I do today… I never leave delish food on a plate, I’m always testing my daughters dinners, and sometimes finishing what she has left… oh the life of a mother.. This must stop and this is where Body By VI comes into play… Yesterday was day number 1 for me also. It started off well, yummy shake mixed with the Choc. Cardio mix put it all in my Magic Bullet with some milk and consumed.. (Lisa, I didn’t find to much powdery resedue… are you blending it) so there I go, off to work with Lunch shake in my lunch bag along with an apple and the mix for the energy drink… I was startled when I heard grumbling from my tummy, something I;m not used to hearing and of course ignore it instead of having a snack.. Gotta get used to having a sensible snack throughout the day, Are Cinnamelts from McD’s sensible? Just kidding.. so onto lunch.. I pull out my Magic Bullet Mug with the Sweet Cream flavored shake and down it like there’s no tommorrow, and it too was Delish! Had some water and went on my walk. I must admit, I had way more energy throughout the day than I normally do and also on the way home… So now it’s time for dinner, nothing has been prepared so leftovers it is cause my daughter has her Sparks meetings and must rush dinner and out the door. I dont’ choose very wisely but my portions control was spot on only because I was not impressed with my left over choice.. so down goes more water. and that was MY day in a nut shell…

    I wish us both luck and with team work I know we can shed some of those unwanted pounds…

    • I know what you mean about finishing your kids food, Jill. I do it way too often. I’ll have to try it in my magic bullet. We just did a stir on day 1, then shake in a water bottle on day 2. Cinnamelts? Never had one. Are they good? I have a Cinnabon near work and at the mall by my place, so I usually go there for my indulgence. A water and walk after your lunch shake?? WoW! AWESOME!! Good for you! Love when circumstance helps you. Crappy leftovers helped you to have a “sensible” dinner. Lucas wanted me to hold him, then wanted to feed me, so didn’t eat too much, and then Franklin wanted to leave right away, so no lounging and picking at the food when I was done. Let me know how your day 2 was.

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