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Miss me??  It’s been awhile since my last post.  I keep meaning to jot down some of my rants and events, just do not have the time.  And the little I do have is not spent writing posts….obviously.

So, instead of thinking it through, I figure I’ll post and just let the thoughts spew out.  No filter.  No careful organization.  I guess you could almost consider it verbal barfing.  eww, but lol.

Weight – I’m down 18-20 pounds!  It depends on the day,  but I’m hovering around here.  It’s not fabulous, but happy to have kept it off and not yo-yo, I will accept it.  Although, around Thanksgiving, hovered at the -16 pounds instead.  Considering I started around January with my Diet Dayz posts, this is a post to say “yah me!”.  I am considering taking Visalis.  It is a meal replacement drink, but is touted as one of the most healthy.  My friend lost 30 lbs!  If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t even consider it.  But, I think I need to change things up.   I figure I could drink it in the mornings on my way to work, considering I do not usually have breakfast.  Although, I have been getting a 12-grain bagel, toasted, with herb and garlic cream cheese everyday for the past week.  Not good.  If anyone is interested in doing this challenge with me please let me know!  I could organize a tasting party where my friend can come down and explain the nutrients, taste the stuff that supposedly tastes like cake mix, and hear it ‘from the horses mouth’.  I think I need a partner in crime.  JOIN ME!

Work –  I know I am luckier than some, in that I have a gradual return to work schedule (which I am totally thankful for), but it’s still hard.  Getting up to

  • get both kids ready (which includes diaper changes, brushing teeth to a toddler who doesn’t want to and runs around, changing clothes, and morning cuddles, coats, shoes, car seats),
  • myself presentable (started to wear make up, which added more minutes which I don’t have.  want to either get Japanese hair straightening or cut it into a Victoria Beckham bob to try to style the beast of hair),
  •  lunch (which I try to bring so I can save a couple of bucks and my waist line from all the fatty foods.  reality is, this maybe works out 1-3 times a week.)

My commute is brutal.  But, it is what it is.  Bitching about it isn’t going to make it more pleasant.  So, I go and earn a pay cheque.  Thankfully, I enjoy my job.  Yah me!

Zumba – The instructor is slightly better.  But, I still think she sucks.  She doesn’t even break into a sweat!  But, I have at least changed my attitude and just give it my all.  I break out into a sweat and jump while she shuffles.  When her legs are together, nothing touches!  Not her calves, knees, nor thighs.  Now, I’m not hating on her, but isn’t that like, anorexic?  Eat something you too-skinny-don’t-give-it-your-all-shitty-Zumba instructor!  I am switching next session for sure.  Try to work out

Marriage – It will be 20-yrs that Franklin and I have been together.  Trying to figure out something special to do.  The reality is, just to have some time together without the kids would be a great treat.  Now, that I’m back to work, I feel even more guilty asking my parents to watch the kids on the weekend.  The kids miss me terribly.  I love the hugs, kisses, and I miss yous, but it also piles on my guilt that I have to be gone for so long everyday.  Damn you commute!  I want to get something special for him.  Perhaps an iPad/tablet, golf club, notebook, etc.  I bought him golf lessons already.  I should have saved it to give to him now!  LOL  20-yrs is a long time.  And I am lucky to share it all with him.  We broke up a couple of times in our youth.  It helped me to appreciate him and I think him to me also.  We learned not to take each other for granted, and were able to work out our differences, that I think in your youth, you are too selfish to want to.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  Gotta love yourself and figure out if the other person is worth it.

Tech Gadgets  – I love my Android phone.  It has so many apps and you can customize everything.  I am going to buy a BlackBerry Bold 9000 for $40 from a friend.   It is a 3-yr old model, but I figure for $40 bucks, I can have a back up to my Android.  Sorta like having more than one purse.   I have one of those old DS lite handheld gaming device.  Love that I have the R4 so I can have tons of games.  But, considering buying a DS XL or 3D DS.  But, should I?  Considering my DS Lite works just fine.  Maybe Santa will get me a DS XL, R4, and case for Christmas.  As a Christmas gift to the family I think I will get the Kinnect.  ‘The Family’ counts as a person right?

There’s probably more, but I’m off to take a bath and read my Single Girl’s To-Do List chick lit book I’m reading.   Thanks for still reading after my negligence in keeping you updated 🙂


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