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Gradual Return

Once I heard advertisements for The Ex, I knew the ending of summer  has officially started and with that, my return to work was on my radar.  Well, after getting my fill of Tiny Tom donuts, ice cream waffle, corn dog, cotton candy, and cherry slush, I knew my Ex day was done and geting ready for work was in effect.

I have bought a new suit, pants, a couple of dresses, and purse.   Still need to get new shoes.  My feet went up another 1/2 size.  WTF?!  Getting pregnant messes with your body, and some things don’t go back.  I’ll just mention feet.  Boobs after breastfeeding are a given.  But, I’d do it all again.  I really do believe that breast milk is THE BEST choice to feed your baby.  You have to do all that you can.  Go to breastfeeding clinics, pump your milk if you can’t latch, etc.  But, if after all that, you can’t, then use formula proudly.  You tried all that you could.  There is no shame in giving formula if that is what you have to do.

Still have to get a hair cut, get my eye brows done, pick up some new make up, and print out my gradual return schedule.  I’m so lucky that I can ease myself back to the grind.  Particularly to ease the children into the grind.  The early mornings.  The grandparents.  The activities.  More dad time.  Dad’s food.  It’s easier this way, but still hard to leave them.  I’m a bit of a control freak, so letting go and accepting their way to do things will be hard.  My parents and husband love The Boys, so they will have their best interest at heart.   That will be my mantra as I wonder what they are doing without me.

I’m going to try to bring lunch a few days a week.  Healthy stuff.  Hopefully, that will help me lose  the last xy-lbs that I want to lose.   Although, a friend is on Visalus and she lost 30 lbs in 3 months!  It’s one of those protein drinks you have in the morning and lunch, but is filled with super-nutritiousness.  I keep wavering.  I want to and I don’t.  If I didn’t see her results, I wouldn’t even consider it.  I am a food eater.  Not sure if this protein drink will be enough for me.  It may taste great, but I am very skeptical still.

I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.   Who knows.  Maybe my short-story will become reality?!  haha



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