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Homemade Machine

This morning’s menu:

  1. In bowl add 1 cup pancake mix and banana.  Mash banana with fork.
  2. Add egg and a couple splashes milk.  Mix. Keep splashing in more milk until mixture reaches right consistency.
  3. Heat frying pan and add a small pat of butter and a small splash of oil (so you can have a buttery taste)
  4. Add pancake mixture to pan to form a circle. Fry until bubbles form on top.  Flip.
  5. When otherside cooked, place on plate

Served with fresh sliced strawberries and molasses to dip in.  (The Boy likes to switch between that and maple syrup).  And a glass of watered down mango juice to wash it down.

Morning Activity:

Make Mango Lassi Pops.  They are basically yogurt Popsicles with fruit.  But, I added a few twists.  Just another way to try and squeeze in some diary for my boy.

Lunch Menu:

  1. Heat up sauce
  2. Boil ravioli for 7 minutes, drain
  3. Combine sauce with ravioli
  4. EAT!

Afternoon snack:

Mango Lassi Pops!


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