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Blogger’s Block

It’s been a week or so since my last post.  I have had tons of stuff happen, but just didn’t have the time nor the inclination to post about it.  It’s not so much that I have a block, but I lost sight of what this blog’s purpose.  Vent.   Share.  Document my life.  But, I started getting a bit narcissistic with obsessively checking my stats and comments to my posts.  BREAK!  Then the break turned to BLOCK!  Now, with the encouragement of Nicole and Gramblor who have given me the demands to get back on with things, is all my ego needed to hear.

But, then I started to think, what should I write about?

  1. The dramatics that went along with organizing my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary dinner with my family.   Including gossiping and being thrown under the bus.
  2. The animosity I feel about Franklin golfing everyday with not even one day for me to sleep in (not even on the weekend! MOFO!)
  3. The horror show of blood that I was yanked out of a much-needed sleep at 4am to when The Husband’s venus line for his hemodialysis came out.  He lost so much blood he was light-headed.
  4. The amazing feeling of being out with The Hubby and Kids and someone asks us what time it was and we didn’t know nor cared.
  5. Potential Baby Three – increasing doubts and still an undying, illogical want for my chance of a little girl

Most of them are not positive.   And I just don’t want to deal with it.  But, while keeping them buried as I usually do and focusing on the ‘positive’  which usually keeps my spirit afloat, it’s weight is still heavy in my heart.  Time to BLOG!

Now, which one first.  Uh oh.  Paralysis by Analysis.

Any push to hear about anything in particular?  Please comment.


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