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Shit.  Shower.  Shave (legs & pits).  All in 20 minutes.  That has to be a world record of some sort.  That, or a mom-superhero time line at least.  I still have to do my hair, get dressed, get the kids dressed, brush their teeth, pack the diaper bag, snack bags, pack the car, drive the kids to the sitters, park up at the train station, so I can sit on the train with the rest of the drones while I put on my make-up and ‘relax’ for an hour.  Not sure if it’s still ‘relaxing’ when I have someones nasty crotch or butt at eye level.  Ah well, another day, another dollar.

But, wait.  This butt is not the usual pancake covered in cheap cloth that I see every day.  It has a bit of an uplift.  His suit a better cut.  His cologne is some sort of pheromone that makes my body react enough to lift my eyes to see who this anomaly is.  Well, hello tall, cute, and well dressed.  YIKES!  BUSTED!  At least his sweet smile is very disarming and I’m just a healthy pink rose instead of fire engine red with embarrassment.  I have got to text XYZ so we can giggle over this gaff and the break from the reality of the working mom’s suburban trinity.  Kids.  Husband, and The Commute.

Stop after stop, and I’m starting to become acutely aware of his traveling eyes.  Is my mascara on too thick?  Is my blouse too tight?  Are my house tunes too old school for this young pups ears?  Of course I ‘flirt’ the only way I know how.  I ignore him.  Which is no easy feat considering he is very good looking, has peeped at me several times, and I’m trying to seem like I’m breathing normally, but really am hyperventilating at the combination of his disguised attention and my wild imagination.

Thank goodness we’re finally pulling into the last stop.

Read the first chapter here.


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