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Fill it up!

My goodness!  Prices for gas is just utterly ridiculous.  It’s bad enough that a vacation where I get on a plane is probably not going to happen this year, but even just driving is so expensive.  $75 to fill up my tank on my family mobile.  And that was at $1.34/L.   I feel for those who require premium.  Not really for those who drive an SUV, because those gas guzzlers were a bad choice in the first place!

There are a few reasons I live out in the sticks.  The big one was we were able to get more house for our mortgage.  But, having my family near by is even bigger now that I have my kids.  The bigger back yard, the young families in the area and newer amenities helped sway our decision from moving from downtown.  I still miss downtown life.  But, for now, this works for now.  You HAVE TO drive when you live up here.  There’s some sort of transit system, but I don’t know what it’s like.   Just to go out for a drive can eat up a 1/4 tank of gas!

But, what really gets me riled up is why the heck is gas so expensive?!  And why is tax on gas so high, yet our roads are brutal!   The toll highway is a joke.  The government had a guaranteed money-maker, but let that go.  The government has ridiculous idea of taking down the Gardiner Expressway to beautify the lakeshore.  Where the hell is all that traffic going to go?!  Anyone get stuck in that ugly traffic mess during rush hour or when there’s an event?

Way to plan Government.  Urban planning for the sticks should include a comprehensible transit system.  Amenities within walking distance.  Reasonable gas prices.  You know the gas mongers are price-fixing and lining their pockets along with yours.  I now have less money to buy other things.  i.e. groceries, shoes, etc


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