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Road Rage Triggers

I had to drive down a bit of ways to get to an appointment.  And maybe it’s because it’s the ‘burbs or I just don’t drive as much as I used to, but where in the world have all the good drivers gone?  I am surrounded by idiots!  Here are just a few things that always seem to happen when I’m in a rush:

  1. stuck behind someone who is going below the speed limit in the LEFT lane
  2. driving beside someone in the right lane that drives exactly beside you
  3. someone does a quick right turn into my lane and doesn’t quickly speed up once in the lane
  4. we can make the light if the driver would maintain his speed, but instead he slams the break on the yellow
  5. pedestrians who walk against THEIR lights and end up waiting 3 light changes
  6. pedestrians who stand on the road on the corner when I’m trying to make a right

After reaching another red light because of the slow driver in front of me, I had to fight the urge to get out of my car and go up to her vehicle to yell at her to get the hell outta the lane.  Then head over to the idiot in the right lane beside her to let me in so I can pass.  These two were holding up traffic for 6 lights!

When I saw the two speed limits in Montreal, I figured it would be worse driving.  But, they get out of the way!  So, I don’t think it’s a speed limit issue.  It’s a driving attitude/common courtesy issue.

There are somethings that I just ASSUME.

  1. If you get passed on your right -hand side, you are going too slow.  GET OUT OF THE WAY!
  2. Don’t stand too close to the corner when waiting to cross.  Cars making a right could clip you.  It’s just not safe.  DIDN’T YOUR MAMA TEACH YOU ANYTHING?!
  3. The left lane is for PASSING.  Don’t drive the speed limit in the left lane. GRRR!

I understand that people should get speeding tickets for going TOO FAST, but how about the idiots who are driving TOO SLOW?!  THEY cause accidents too!


11 thoughts on “Road Rage Triggers

  1. I like to think that I am not a total road rager – but I have inherited it from my mother.

    I’m mostly just a lot of talk, just speaking my mind about how I think others are driving. I’m not a suuuper aggressive driver though myself.

    What drives me nuts is having the backseat drivers who can’t handle anything but super conservative driving. If I’m on a 400 series highway with these people, and I go the slightest bit over 100 km/h, or I dare to venture into the left lane to pass someone, I am accused of being an aggressive driver. What do you think is a safe speed to go on a 400 series highway? That’s what I’d like to know!

    • “I like to think that I am not a total road rager – but I have inherited it from my mother.” – does that mean you are one because you inherited it from your mom, but in denial since you don’t THINK you are?

      and I love you ‘total road rager’ terminology. you either are or not gramblor! it’s sort like “i’m not a total drinker. i only keep a few bottles in the fridge to enjoy on a hot day” (and that means everyday since it’s summer time!)

      I totally agree with your backseat drivers examples. that’s what happens when i’m driving with my parents. lol

      i’m not suuuper aggressive. i drive ~120 km/h on the highways. 130-140 only if it’s a beautiful sunny day and there’s no traffic ad i’m not mindful of the speed.

      -signed ADMITTED road rager

      • Hahaha – well, I think that there are degrees of road rage. Just like levels of martial arts, or Excel skills – be it Excel Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3 – you can’t fully understand data validation without working with Absolute values (work joke!). So I have never progressed from being a level 1 road rager (sarcastic/judgemental comments to myself in the car) versus Level 2 (tailgating out of anger) versus Level 3 (rolling down the window and yelling at the person) – actually I should probably swap levels 2 and 3, as aggressive driving tendencies is probably more risque!

        I think I am a level 1 road rager – I keep it contained – granted I am probably a lot more verbal when there is nobody else in the car with me.

        120km/h on a 400 series highway is totally tolerable – especially in the left lane! Anything less and you are slowing traffic down!

        Now here’s a question – is it okay to drive in the passing lane!?

        • HA! i’d say i’m level 1. level 2 if some A$$hole has cut me off and almost causes an accident, or gets in my lane and then drives totally slow when no one is in front of them (left lane particularly). I am not at level 3…yet

          everyone drives in the passing lane. sometimes it’s faster to be in the right! SMH

          it’s ok to be driving in the passing lane i guess, but if you’re getting passed on the right or being tailgated, it means you are going too slow and should just pull over. trust me, i pull over to let someone pass, then ride behind them and hope they get caught instead of me! LOL

  2. I’m totally guilty of Road Rage, but I mean come on, seriously!!! I was just in britain, and drove through some parts of Scotland, I don’t remember any incidents where I was cursing off any drivers, they seem to all be respectful in their sense of driving and skills. However, I got back behind the wheel in Ontario just the other day, and my disgusting mouth just started firing off immediately. I don’t understand what the hell the problem is lately, Too many people = too much traffic for the infrastructure?! regardless, people seem to think they are the only ones on the road lately, and have no consideration for others, I’ve been cut off, side swiped, tailgated, the list is just endless. But some things I’ve noticed from when I was a kid to now, people used to respect yellow lights and actually stop when it turned red. Now, not so much, people gun it to get through yellows, only to realize they are flying through reds. I can’t FREAKING STAND it when you’re on a 2 lane, or hell, even pushing it a 3 lane, and 3 idiots in front are all side by side, going under the speed limit. Pedestrians are just as bad, walking on non-walk signals holding left hand turning traffic up, or just simply (I’m going to take my sweet ass time walking across the non-walk signal)..

    You’re right about one thing, we get penalized immediately for going over the speed limit, wreckless driving etc. But what about the people IMPEDING traffic? going UNDER the speed limit.

    My absolute worst road rage comes out with truckers, they should have their own lane on every road, and STAY IN IT!!! The full flatbeds cut across 3 full lanes is interloerable, and you know for a fact they are just doing it to be complete dicks…

    Thank you for letting me vent 🙂

    • If you are driving the exact same speed as the person next to you, either speed up or slow down. Odds are that there are five hundred cars lined up behind you looking to pass one of you two idiots! Hahahhaha. Oh man, that is the scenario I loathe the most! Can’t these numbskulls figure out that they are blocking anyone from driving at normal speeds!?

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