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I  understand the need for an escape.  From all the responsibilities, bills, dialysis, children, housework, lack of sleep, etc.  Some want to escape from reality all the time.  Maybe that’s why people need an intervention.  Walking around in a haze all the time is not limited to being drunk or high.  Know any workoholics who are gone 50-70 hrs a week?  It might not seem enjoyable for some, but getting away from the dead-end marriage and whiny kids might be an escape for some.

I am looking for that path to flee the mundane life that has become my suburbia.  It’s not always where I feel so stuck, but with a maternity budget and two kids while living out in the sticks, life can feel dry as corn nuts at times.  It just feels so cliche to go for a day at the spa.  Been there.  Done that.  Not a big deal anymore.  Went to Zumba, belly dancing, etc.  Meh.  Going out for a decadent lunch always tastes good, but reeks havoc on my belly, butt and thighs.   I’m still breastfeeding, so a glass of wine (which I don’t drink anyway) is not an option.  Blogging was my ‘drug’ of choice for a bit, but even that has grown a bit boring.  Retail therapy is a great buzz, but doesn’t last long and just creates more headaches when the credit card bill comes in.

Now, I’m talking big picture.  But, even during the day a few minutes just to stop and smell the roses is required.  For you working stiffs, it’s a coffee/snack/smoke break.  Maybe it’s a walk around to your cubicle buddy for some  chit-chat about everything and nothing.  For me, it’s a bubble bath.  It’s very few and far between, but a good book, tunes, and a hot bubble bath sounds like a great escape for at least 30 minutes.

I live in suburbia.  Does that mean I have to have an affair? LOL  I already own the home, mini-van, husband and kids.  Perhaps a charitable organization could benefit from my idle hands.

I need to be inspired.  Motivated.  A spark from within that I can act upon.  I have several business ideas.  I think one of them needs to be revisited.  If it don’t make dollars, it don’t make sense/cents.  Let’s see how long that lasts.  I need a vacation and get away from this rut.


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