Easter Eats

I have not instilled the mythical creature of The Easter Bunny into my sons life yet.  We do not wake up in the morning and hunt for eggs.  I did organize the first egg hunt at my parents house, but then dropped off the duties.  For me, it has a bit more of a religious tone to it than the commercialized glitz of chocolate bunnies.  We never did anything like hunting for rabbits or dying eggs when I was young (immigrant childhood again!).  So, to me, it’s not that big of a deal.  But, fortunately, my brother and his wife were kind enough to buy mini eggs for all the kids and hid them during our Easter family get together this year.  The kids had so much  fun.

For those who have a significant other as part of their life, trying to see all families during any special occasion takes careful planning and organizing.   Even with all that, it still might not work out.  Franklin and I are lucky that we are able to split up our holidays between our parents.   This year it worked out again.  Friday for us.  Saturday for one.  Sunday for the other.  We had to move things around.  And fortunately, everything worked out.  Originally, it would have been lunch at one, dinner at another on the same day.  But, that’s no good for anyone.  You don’t get to fully enjoy the day with one family.   We’d have to leave his parent’s place early to head back uptown to my family’s dinner.   We’d be too full from his mom’s cooking to enjoy my mom’s cooking.

Now, if you have parents who are divorced it’s just that much more difficult to enjoy everyone’s company.  Mom’s family side.  Dad’s family side.  Partner’s Mom’s family side.  Partner’s Dad’s family side.  And if you should have kids, when do you squeeze in family time?!

Then if you’re still young and have no kids, when do you squeeze in the party time?  Recover from the debauchery time?

I was able to squeeze in some baking.  Mini blueberry Bundt cakes.  Banana muffin caps.  Banana chocolate chip mini loaves.  Snack mix.  Not traditional, but I wanted to use my new pans.  I think some mini-square Blondies are up next.  Or maybe peanut butter mini-squares with chocolate chips.  Fundgey something for sure.

On a brighter side.  MORE EASTER EATS continues!  Bun and Cheese!


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