I love it & I hate it

Yours Tastes Better

As we eat our fried egg sandwiches with cheese, Marcus wants to have a bite of mine.  Sure.  Have a bite of mine.  Eat yours.  Just eat up buddy.   Yours is so good mommy.  It’s the same thing son.  Can I have yours mommy?  It’s the same thing son.  Can we trade then mommy.  It’s the same thing son. Please!  uh…OK!

Whether it is an egg sandwich, chips, etc, doesn’t someone else’s seem to taste better.   I usually get something different than whatever Franklin orders so we can ‘share’ or at least a couple of bites.  It’s like having two meals in one!  It takes me forever to decide and I usually feel like I ordered the wrong one and everyone else’s food looks better.  Sometimes there are just too many choices and it all looks good.

But, besides food, on some days it feels like everything else is better for the other person.  Be it job, spouse, lawn, car, house, etc  I guess that’s how the saying “grass is always greener on the other side” came from.  That emotion that the other guys is always winning.  Well, if you could just love what you have now, you’ll always be the winner.  I’m not saying to settle, but while you’re striving to get the bigger house, nicer car, longer vacation, brand name purse, clothes, shoes, etc love what you have now until that day comes.

Someone will always be richer, skinnier, have a bigger house, smaller ankles, longer legs, smaller/bigger boobs, better job, etc.  But, for me, my husband, kids, family, friends, body, sex life, clothes, shoes, house, cars, teeth, breath, eyebrows, nails, hair, furniture, vacations, and life are perfect.  Too much, too little, non-existent.  I love it all.


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