I love it & I hate it

How About a Simple “Thank You”…jeez

Every time I approach the doors at the mall the gesture usually remains unappreciated.  I am holding the door open for my toddler to walk through, but since you are right behind I guess I’m holding the door open for you also.  Now, trust me, I’m already a little annoyed that you are not holding the door open for  me as I am holding an infant in my arms, but at least just hold it for yourself while I go in.  But, to add insult to tired arms, you go right through and don’t even say thank you.  How about those door jerks who walk right through your door as you are trying to get in?   Mother Tuckers!

While driving, the common ‘thank you’ is a wave of the hand to the other driver.  To acknowledge them in some way that they can see.  Now, if I let you into the lane be courteous and give me a wave.  I didn’t have to let you in.  The left lane to get onto DVP North is always backed up.  You know this.  So, why do you think it’s ok to drive up on the right lane, turn your blinker on to get into the lane, and hold up traffic?  I don’t care that people are honking.  I’m not the one blocking traffic.  YOU ARE!  I’ve been waiting patiently all the way at the back for 4 lights already.  So SCREW YOU!  But, I let you in because my son is asking why the cars are honking.  And then you don’t even give me the hand wave.  Mother Tucker!

If I hold the elevator so you can get in rather than waiting for the next one, a simple Thank You would be nice.  Considering I hear the rest of the people in the elevator give me stink-eye to the back of my head and give a collective sigh as I stick my hand out to hold the elevator doors from closing on your face.  But, you breeze in as if I’m the elevator jockey waiting to be of service to hold the elevator doors and press your floor number.  Mother Tucker!

Just the other day I let someone go ahead of me since I had a cart full of groceries and they had relatively little.  I appreciate you are not one of those ding dongs who do not know how to count and still try and sneak into the 15 items or fewer lines.  So, I let offer to let you go ahead of me.  I get “sure”.  No thank you tagged on to the end.  Just “sure”.  Mother Tucker!

People.  Pay it Forward.  Hold the door for someone.  Let someone in.  Say THANK YOU!  Do I dare say, pay for the coffee for the next person behind you?  Yah right…


One thought on “How About a Simple “Thank You”…jeez

  1. if i don’t get a response within seconds i tell them “YOUR WELCOME” really loudly, while looking right at them! then usually if they don’t respond i cus my teeth at them 🙂 damn not appreciative ppl

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