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Golf LINGO – Fore!

As the warm weather approaches, golfing is in the air.  Not for me.  Franklin ruined it for me.  The first time he takes me out, he takes me to one of the longest courses.  I would like to think he was trying to impress me with the beautiful course, but the cynic in me suspects he wanted to show off his golfing skills and in turn ruin my first impression of the game to which I thought it was so boring that I would never come again.  Oh I tried to go again.  He’d say “you were complaining before the 9th hole!”.  Well, you got what you wanted Frank.  I won’t go.  Years later he wants me to come.  “I’ll bring you to a shorter course”; “I’ll take you to the clubhouse for lunch”; “We can spend the day in the beautiful weather and get exercise”.  OooOOOoo..exercise outdoors to enjoy the weather.  He knows me too well.  After years of being scarred from that first outing, I may just give it another chance.  NOT!

He loves the game.  Even watches it as one of his top five shows on tv.  He gets out and gets exercise and he’s happy.  So we balance his love of golf with our need to enjoy the day as a family.  For many golf widows they might not be as understanding.  I am because it’s not just about golf.  It’s about a few hours out of the day where his mind is clear of all of life’s stresses.  End Stage Renal Failure. Dialysis. Blood Pressure.  Liquid intake.  Mortgage, property tax, Hydro, cable, internet, phone, water, cell phone, credit cards…bills.

I’d be lying if I said I was ALWAYS supportive about him going everyday.  But, after a couple of days of seeing how miserable he is I just kick him out the door with his clubs.  When he’s happy life is just better.  For him and the rest of the family.  Happy Husband.  Happy family.  It works both ways (as compared to my happy wife, happy life post.

Although the cost of a golf membership is not cheap, the benefits to his health mentally and physically are worth it.  (That’s what I tell myself when I look at our bank account)

Having him happy and with more muscle is a win-win for him and me.



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