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Biggest Loser – 3 Month Mark

Well we’re in the long hall of things.  I haven’t been able to go to my exercise classes for several weeks due to Franklin’s health complications.  I could just use that as a scapegoat (which I TOTALLY AM), but if I was being honest, I could still exercise at home.  I have a couple of Richard Simmond DVDs.  Anyone feel to send me some exercise DVDs that they swear by send me a message via the CONTACT ME page on this blog.  My big butt needs all the help I can get! LOL

So, as I’m chatting with Franklin this morning (don’t you love the morning chats before the kids wake up?) and it went something like this:

Me:  If I eat sensibly today I might have a chance to win the big weigh in today ($20)

Him: You should be eating sensibly every day

Me:  It’s been a little hard lately (rolls eyes) I feel like giving up.

Him:  Don’t give up.  You’re doing REALLY good.

Me:  mmmhhmmm

Him:  Your brother’s probably just lost water.  But, you’ve made a real difference.  Really.  You can tell the difference from when you started.  You’re smaller.  You look good (wiggles eyebrows)

Me:  Ok.  Shut up now.  Your compliments are bordering on insults.  So, Thank You and STFU now.

Us: (DWL)

(On queue, children wake up)

The ice cream, cake, cookies, pizza, burgers, double-double coffee, late night dinners, bowls of sugary cereal instead of my usual  Shreddies with blueberries and skim milk for breakfast, these past few weeks are not going to help matters.  I haven’t gained (thank goodness), but I may have only lost 1/2-1 lb if I’m lucky.

We’ll see soon enough.



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