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Splitting the Bill

I love going out to eat.  Sharing a good meal and good conversation is just a win win situation for the body and the mind.  Should a decadent dessert follow, my lips will not say no.

Now, when the bill comes, who pays what?  Your entree might have cost x.xx, but did you factor in tax AND tip?  Don’t just round up on your subtotal.

Now if we just take the bill and divide it up by the number of people at the table, that could work most of the time.  But, for those who prefer to have several drinks with their meal, y’all are making out like bandits!  I don’t usually drink too much.  One or two very rarely.  And for those who get a full meal (alcoholic beverage, appetizer, entree, dessert, coffee), and your companion only has an entree, is splitting the bill in half fair?

Sometimes it’s just easier to get separate bills.

Now, with family it’s different.  We just divide between families.  Four families, than divide by four.  Regardless of the number of people in a family.  For that I think it all works out.  Nieces, nephews, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, and grandparents.  It’s family.

This reminds me of that episode on Friends about splitting the bill.  So true.

Now, lets say you go to get take out.  Everyone seems to have dispersed while you wait except you.  Bathroom.  Buy alcohol next door.  Buy pantyhose at the Shoppers next door.  The food is ready and you pay the $100+ bill.  You figure everyone will chip in at some point.  But, as the night wears on no one has offered up any cash.  Do you say something?  Do you just catch them next time?  I hate that.

Let’s take it that same idea, but apply it to concert tickets (or something just as expensive).   Buying tickets for several people and then trying to collect from them all is just a hassle and expensive.  Don’t make me have to chase you down.  Remind you several times.  And then ‘forget’ about it.  You are being a total dead beat douche bag.   Sound familiar?  Are you that person??  If someone other than you takes on the responsibility to put it on their credit card or pay for the total, you should pay them back asap.  What makes you so special that we have to pay for every interaction with you??  You wonder why no one volunteers to rent the car for the road trip?  Because of idiots.  Are we grown?  Are we adults?  Maybe I just know too many “ghetto” people.   When I ask for the money up front, it’s because I’ve been burned too many times.  Thanks deadbeats.  You’ve ruined my generosity for most.


One thought on “Splitting the Bill

  1. Most of the people I know are sensible.. but I also make sure they understand how much their share of the bill is, in case of concerts, etc. As for restaurant situations, I always go for separate bill always! Unless I dine with my boss.. He usually gets one bill and I just pay him my share, includes tip & tax. I

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