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Over Scheduled

My schedule would consist of eating, sleeping, and playing over at my cousins house.  They were my best friends.  I wasn’t allowed to sleep over at people’s houses.  Thank goodness they just lived one street down from me.  But, I guess this is typical of an immigrants upbringing?  It was for me.

I don’t recall the obscene amount of homework in elementary school as they have today.  I see my niece have homework everyday and she’s only in grade 2!  We gradually got into ballet, jazz, gymnastics, piano lessons, and guitar lessons.  Not all at the same time.   But, it was fun all the same.

Well, I’ve got Marcus in skating, swimming, and gymnastics.  One day each.  It breaks up the monotony for both him and me.  Now that he’s older, I don’t have to participate in the activities with him.  I kind of miss that.  That complete joy we would share when he accomplished something.  Look mommy! LOOK!  But, watching him become more independent as I stare behind the one-way mirror is bitter sweet.  I want to go in and stand off to the side as some of the other parents of the crying, clingy kids, but my baby is now a veteran of this now.  He knows mommy is close by.  At first we had him in both Private and Public lessons for various activities.  There was some great discussion and comments by some that made valid points on which one to go with.  (read the post!)

Once he starts school, we’ll have to revisit all these activities.  I want him to have some fun at these activities, but we have to balance life.  With my commute and work, there is not tons of free time.  And weekends can have an activity, but there should be family time too.  A time to interact with each other.  Talk about stuff.  Just plain old fashioned family activity.

I hear the parents talk about their hectic schedule.  They look haggard, rushed, and unhappy.  And that’s only about their kid’s activities.  I need to squeeze in a gym visit (belly dancing this term!  zumba last term!)  I’d like to squeeze in an activity where both the husband and I could enjoy together.  Maybe a dance, cooking, martial arts class?  Now, that the husband is at least on the mend, I hope to squeeze some of those in.

Is today’s life over scheduled?  Will this lead to smarter, faster, professional athlete?  Or does playing on the monkey bars enough?

I’m already thinking about putting him in soccer.  Anyone other suggestions?



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