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Allergic Reaction

Scary.  If it is only one word I could use to describe seeing my baby’s eyes start to swell, red blotches appear on his cheeks, neck, arms, behind his ears, around his lips and the irritable crying and scratching of his face.

It couldn’t be the banana.  He’s had it before.  Not his favourite compared to the sweet potato, but he didn’t have a reaction like this.  If I was to play Columbo (he was an old detective from a show back in the day), I would deduce that it was the Milupa rice cereal that I mixed in with the banana.  It was the first time that I’ve used it.  When I introduced rice cereal for the first time before, I used a different brand.  Gerber I think.  I can’t recall since it was my mom who did some grocery shopping for me for a couple of weeks while I had both kids and Franklin was going through his complications.

Considering Franklin had allergies when he was young (he grew out of all of them, but he did have to take allergy needles once a week for several years)  I have been following the general rule when introducing food to your baby.  Feeding him one food every 4-7 days to see if there is a reaction before introducing a new food.  Once all foods (except honey, peanuts, high nitrate vegetables, etc) are sampled, you can start combining foods.  Then the flavour bonanza really begins.

But, I digress.  We first called Emergency.  Then they directed us to telehealth (1-866-797-0000) to speak to a registered nurse to help us decipher if we should go to Emergency, doctor’s office, or stay put.  Since his breathing did not seem impaired and after several other questions, she recommended giving him Benedryl.  We decided to go to the doctor’s office.  Emergency would be several hours, his breathing did not seem impaired, his lips were not turning blue, and I wanted to at least have a medical professional see him.

As soon as he saw him, our doctor said ordered for us to have him tested for allergies right away and get him some benedryl.  Stop feeding him bananas, the new rice cereal, and avocado (he had some a little bit of blotches on his skin).  Seeing him in the daylight, he looked worse that I thought.  Both of his eyes were red and swollen.  But, at least he was not crying and was laughy baby again.  The doctor said to give him 7ml.  The benedryl bottle said 2.5ml/dose.  We gave him  5ml.  After a few hrs he was looking better.  His eyes were still a bit swollen, but he seemed to be on the mend.

I am not looking forward to him going through an allergy test when he is so young.  It is a necessary evil to scratch his tender skin.

(photo source:

Now, I’m a little freaked out to move onto the next food.  Hopefully, butternut squash is not a problem.

Gave him another dose (3ml) and it’s almost all cleared up.  Thank God.

NEW EDITION:  This makes me re-think the ‘no nuts at school’ rules they have.  Is it fair?  How about if it’s one kid out of a school of 100?  I remember some of the teenage baby-mama’s I knew who would complain right left and centre.  They would argue that peanut butter was the only thing their kid would eat or it was the only thing that would be affordable for them since the baby-daddy didn’t pay up.  Why stop only allowing peanuts?  Should they ban other foods also?

I just know that I support it.  Peanuts are in many snacks or may be in a contact due to the way it is made in the factory.  It’s not worth the risk to our little kid’s life.  I pray that our son doesn’t have that problem.  Carrying around an epi pen to save his life sounds very scary.  I feel for those kids and parents now.  You just never know what or when it may happen.

UPDATE:  Turns out he’s allergic to milk.  All the rice cereals have milk powder in them.  So, I just made him congee (over cooked rice made into a soup)


4 thoughts on “Allergic Reaction

  1. From my FB: It seems that its only North America where we have food allergies. I don’t agree with banning types of food in anywhere. I think the better idea is to find out what is causing all these allergic reactions rather than just simply banning food. Because today its peanut butter, tomorrow its jelly. By the time we know it, children will be allergic to all food. -Cloud Deity

    • I think it has to deal with the immunizations. We are also the country that “forces our kids to get these”. Im not saying they are good for they are intended to do but are all the ingredients in them to just build up an immunity? i dont think so

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