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The Birth

I remember it like it was yesterday. Well, last week at least. I’m still sleep deprived.
well, here’s the short version:

6 lbs 11 onces. born at 11:54pm. epidural AND a top up! From first contraction to birth – 28 hrs
The long version:

I went in on Sunday to have them gel me to ripen the cervix at 4:30pm…then went home.
Labour pains started at 8pm
Water broke at 11pm
Labour pains was every 4 minutes and lasting 1 minute long by 12:30. went to hospital
Was only 1 cm. They cannot admit until 3cm. walked around hospital for 2 hrs. Now only 1.5 cm. Went home
Tried to sleep and breath through the pain every 4 minutes.
Called in 7:30 am to hospital to confirm to come in for 8am inducement.
8:30 am at hospital
10 am epidural
Franklin is tired as shit and didn’t do any dialysis the night before. He tries to sleep in the room.
He goes to get food from the caf.
He goes home at 2pm to do an Exchange (manual dialysis) and comes back.
He looks even worse. I’m still labouring on. He goes home at 8pm to do another Exchange.
At 8pm I am now at 6cm and they say it can start moving quite quickly now. Franklin’s not back!!

My brother Alex comes to visit. He asks if I have a back up. He saw franklin and he doesn’t look well. he’s at home puking. Yikes!
Call Wendy (my ex-sister-in-law). He can’t get a hold of her. double yikes! He asks if I have another back up. Who has a back up to the back up?! I’m not thinking clearly. I’m in pain. I’m by myself.
Call Sila (Alex’s girlfriend in Mississauga). Ask her if she wants to come, but, if Franklin comes back, he’s my first choice.
Wendy and Sila both come. Alex is relieved cause he didn’t want to come in, but would if I was by myself.
I get top up of Epidural cause I can start to feel the contractions and I don’t want to wait until it really hurts and it’s too late to get a top up.
11pm – Dr. says we are finally at 8 cm. We can wait a bit for the Epidural to wear off a bit. Nope!! let’s try NOW! Ask the doc, if i’m a few minutes past midnight, can we fudge the birth certificate…nope.
All I remember is Wendy saying it’s 11:15…11:30…11:45! 11:45! Wendy and Sila each hold a leg…I push…
Baby is born 11:54pm.

Call franklin….we have a son…waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh

I remember walking in that morning asking the nurse to knock me out and wake me when we’re done. the contractions all night were painful. but, now I can’t even remember any of that. I just know I can’t stop looking at him and am filled with so much love.

i go home on thurs. franklin is holding the baby and fell down the stairs on saturday morning. jesus!! thank god the baby is ok. franklin is on the ground screaming. he can’t breath. i call 911. i pray he hasn’t broken his
back. thank goodness there’s no internal bleeding or anything broken. he’s just super sore and can barely move. greaaaaaaat.

anyways, time for a feeding! and another diaper change….agaaaaaaaain.



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