Your Wish is My Command

On one’s birthday you can have anything you want. For some its birthday weekend, then it turns into birthday week, and I’ve even seen some people celebrate their birth month!  The ridiculous.  The selfish.  The outrages.  It’s all yours for the taking.

My wishes used to be a getaway.  Montreal was a favourite.  The cottage was a good one too.  And of course the end of summer jam would top it off.  A nice dinner had to be in there.  And a great gift.  Jewelry preferably.  Oh how easy the husband had it back then.  The wish list these days are a bit different.

Now, for my son, unless he will physically get hurt, almost anything goes.  A sprinkled donut, pop rock candy, root beer float, time with his Godfather, 3 books to bed, stay up past his bedtime, on top of the Medieval Times, Spidey cake, and tons of presents, over the weekend.  It was nice to have our loved ones call and wish him a happy birthday.  He was so happy.  He doesn’t totally get the concept.  He kept singing happy birthday mommy.  LOL

If it is your birthday, ask for all that your heart’s desire.  You only get that once a year without looking like a total selfish jerk.

Question:  Reader, please leave a comment and share what was the best/craziest/cheapest/most  expensive/weirdest/worse thing you got for your birthday.  Should be some laughs 🙂


One thought on “Your Wish is My Command

  1. My favourite cake(s) & dinner.. plus present.. usually flowers + jewellery.. get presents from my inlaws & sometimes my mum.. its fun.. i plan my bday 1 yr in advance!! 🙂

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