Should boys play with ‘girl’ toys or activities?

Companies buy commercial air time to be exposed to their target market for their product.  Well, watch any Treehouse or Disney TV and the commercials are mesmerizing.  I see my son’s pupil dilate and the “I want that” begins.  Even for the Strawberry Shortcake dolls.

When I signed Marcus up for some extra activities to take him to while I’m on maternity leave, there was so much to choose from.  I wanted to choose just a few so he can be exposed to different activities and figure out what he likes, but not too many where it’s hectic.  Ballet was one that I wanted to stick him in.  All the males in my family were not very supportive.  Not my father, husband, or brothers.  Jeeze.  A man who knows how to move on the dance floor is hawt, right?!

How about if he chooses to become a nurse?   Although giggles were had in “Meet the Fockers” where Greg is stigmatized for being a nurse and not a doctor  in the movie, I’m sure it’s not that far off in real life.

Be it toys, activities, careers, I won’t even get into dressing (the 80s was quite the mascara era for boys and girls alike), males seem to get the short end of the stick.  If a girl plays with ‘boy’ toys, then she’s a tomboy, but if a boy plays with ‘girl’ toys he’s called a sissy.



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