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I love reading everyone’s comments.  I appreciate the time it takes to read, but to go the extra mile and put down some words to your reaction to my blog keeps me motivated.

Some particular comments have been from the other mommy’s who read.  I may face some additional challenges when Franklin is not feeling well, but overall when it comes to our kids, i.e. growing up, diaper funnies, we all have been there.  It doesn’t matter what race, religion, economics, city, or country you are from, as a mommy, you can relate to the night time feedings in their first few months of life, feeding them their first foods beyond milk, etc. Losing the baby weight hasn’t been easy, but my Biggest Loser competition is helping.  We’re even in our weekly pay offs but I’m down overall percentage and weight.  Yah me!

And for those who have found their life partner/husband/partner/best friend for life, I love reading your comments too!  When I blogged about chores, I love the comment on my FB that went something like “Finally, someone else who b!t3ches about this”.  LOL  Nice to know I’m not the only one with a husband who slacks on chores at times.  In the early days of this blog I posted about Happy Wife Happy Life and I think it hit home for many of us in a committed relationship.

And for those who decide to go back to work because $$ is a necessary evil in this dual income society, it’s not always so easy to decide.  My time is coming soon.  I enjoy my job and I have a supportive boss who acknowledges my 110% effort, positive attitude and extensive experience and skills.  (My modesty too! LOL)  With Marcus, I was able to do a gradual transition back.  A few days a week at reduced hours, then a couple more days at full hours, etc.  This helped big time!  It helped me to form my routine with getting everyone dressed, the separation anxiety for my baby and me (probably more me), and to face the Go Train (read that post for some laughs about the commuter’s reality).

Through diapers, first foods, birthdays, losing the baby weight and maternity leave, you have read and shared the emotional roller coaster that is today’s mommy.  Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day of working, cooking, cleaning, and child rearing.

We are amazing.

(We can do it ALL!)



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