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From Toddler to Little Man

My first born is growing into a little man.  As his birthday approaches I wonder what to do for his birthday.  Having watched all these crazy reality show about kid birthday parties, I know what I don’t want.  We did a big dinner for his one month (tradition), but nothing big like that since.  We decided to do Medieval Times.  Swords.  Knights.  I sure hope he likes it.  With just immediate family we sit at 18 people.

It’s bitter sweet having my son grow up.  Next thing he’ll be going to school and I think I might either do a jig or die inside.   It’s already choking me up sometimes to have a conversation with him.  To see his wheels turning in his head as he thinks about what he trying to explain.  He’s so smart.  Sometimes too smart.  He’s into the “why” stage.  He’s just trying to understand why things are the way the are.  But, when you get the 10,000th “why”, I now understand where “because I said so” originated.

I still have moments where the light bulb flashes bright and I can’t believe I’m a mom.  What happened to the days where I’d go dancing each weekend, meet random people, hit the casino on a while at midnight, follow the charity casinos to play black jack, shopping sprees, etc

I’ve traded it for diapers, sleepless nights, random hugs of unconditional love, hearing “mommy”, teaching, etc

Not better or worse.  Just different.  I liked being childless and the carefree life it afforded.  But, I love having my children.  Even when it comes with the poo emergencies, the 5:30am shows, loads of laundry, etc

Now to bake his birthday cake.  Blow up balloons.  Arrange rides for some of the family.  Make loot bags.


4 thoughts on “From Toddler to Little Man

  1. I LOVE your blog. You could be blogging about my life. Youve helped me deal with some of my internal issues “not better or worse, just different”. Was a great way of expressing your feelings and mine!

    Thank you once again for sharing. You need to write a book. I will bs one of your biggest fans!

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