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Back in the day it used to be your sex tape that you had to worry would somehow leave your house.  I thought it to be the stupidest idea.  A sex tape.  Especially when the Pamela-Tommy tape mysteriously showed up and was being sold.  Hhmph.  “mysteriously”.  They are a bunch of media whores, so I wouldn’t put it past them to leak it to the public themselves.  If you want to see yourself ‘in action’, position yourself in front of a  mirror, is all I’m sayin’.

Now throw technology into the sexy mix and we’ve brought intimate moments that can be passed around in lightening speed.  Webcams.  Video Chat.  Picture Messaging.  Text Messaging.  Smart Phones.  Combine these technologies with your provocative thoughts and BAM – Sexting.  It is highly likely that this may one day fall into the wrong hands.  I was going to point out particularly to the non-married peoples, but married people have to worry too!  With divorce rates at 50%, you just never know.  And you teenagers.  I know you think you love your gf/bf and you’ll be with them forever, but forever is not a lifetime anymore.  And if you don’t break up, teenage hormones leave you with emotions that fluctuate quite rapidly.  Your once sexy boob shot to your bf is now fodder for all his buddies and is his revenge pic for the FB group he’s started when he suspects you’ve been cheating just because you were talking to some other guy.

It was sexy text messages on Tiger Wood’s phone that brought him down.  Everyone suffered for his ridiculous sexcapades.  His children, wife, marriage, mom, his game, and money (bye bye endorsements).  He had it all and it still wasn’t enough.  ugghh….men.

The celebrities might get the press about their sexting, but it hurts the general masses too.  Ever snicker at some of your friend’s message their bf sent them?  Yowza!  I never looked at him the same way after that.  Trust that it’s working the other way too.  And with electronic images, your private parts can be out there forever.  And in this context, forever IS a life time.

And for my young teenage readers (I know there is at least one of you, Darling), those sexy pics are labeled child pornography.  You send it to your older bf and now he is in possession of child porn.  If he stupidly sends it to anyone else, i.e. check out my hot gf, then he will be charged with distributing child porn.  If he took the pic of you on his phone, that’s one more charge of  creating child porn.  Sure you were consenting, but that doesn’t make it right.  Please be smart.

It could be my paranoia, but I just don’t feel safe if my sex were in any type of electronic form.  I think of it as a live show and for The Husbands eyes only.  Stop and think before you send those sexy messages and pics, is all I’m saying.


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